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Facebook allows us to stay updated and be in touch with our friends and relatives. Previously it was only accessible in desktop, but after the development of applications it was accessible from any smart device. In order to use Facebook anywhere, we need internet connection and the good network bandwidth. If we have sloe network bandwidth or slow speed internet connection Facebook was not accessible. There are many people all over the world who are unable to use Facebook and could not connect to the world because of these slow internet connections and reduced network bandwidth. Taking them in to consideration, Facebook announced and released the new application called Facebook Lite for Android. This is the Facebook for Android who is facing the slow internet connection. It is just 1 MB in size and installs in very less time.

download facebook lite apk for android

Facebook for Lite for Android is available for Samsung Galaxy S Duos, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 and other Android devices. So, head over to Google Play Store and install Facebook Lite for free. Facebook Lite for Android allows users with slow internet connection to use Facebook and all of it’s features completely. Now, with Facebook Lite all Android users can receive notifications, news feed, upload photos, status posts, and create an event and everything on slow internet connection and low network bandwidths. Now everyone can make best use of Facebook even in slow internet connection using Facebook Lite for Android. Facebook Lite was released in Asia at present and will be released later in Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Facebook Lite for Android App Download, Facebook Lite for Android APK Free Download

Facebook Lite for Android is designed to be used and to stay connected with the world even in the sole internet connections. Now, you can access Facebook and can access all it’s features even in 2G connections and also under slow and unstable connections. So, you can access Facebook at anytime from now on using Facebook Lite for Android. I will take you through how to download Facebook Lite APK for Android and Install Facebook Lite APK Manually

Download Facebook Lite APK from A Website to Your Computer

 Some may face some problems to download Facebook Lite for Android APK from Google Play Store due to many reasons. So, you may download APK now and can install it later in your smart device. There might be many websites which pretends to be providing apk files, but you should not go for them. They introduce some malware with the files and those get installed in your PC which leads to many malfunctions. So, you need to download Facebook Lite Apk from the recognized websites which I will share with you in this article. I will also share what are the recommended websites to download Facebook Lite APK for Android for free.

One website to Download Facebook Lite apk for Android to Your Computer

Head over to downloadatoz website and this website provides us any apk of the android app. I provided the link directly to download the Facebook Lite apk for Android app for free. Click on the “Click to Download” green colored button and you can see that the app starts downloading to your computer. You can search for any android app you want. Download will complete within seconds based on your internet speed. As the size of Facebook Lite APK for Android is 1 MB, it will get downloaded very quickly. You can even scan the QR Code to download the Facebook APK to your computer.

facebook lite apk for android

You can see details, screenshots and features of Facebook Lite. It shows all the screenshots and features as shown in Google Play Store. It downloads apk linked to Google Play Store and will be virus free. For being safe, you can scan the downloaded Facebook Lite APK for Android with any of your installed antivirus.

Second Website to Download Facebook Lite apk for Android to Your Computer

Here, I will let you know another source or website to download any android apk and we can use it to download Facebook Lite APK for Android. Evozi’s APK Downloader is one of the recommended websites to download android apks and also one of the best sources of apk downloader. It allows us to download Facebook Lite APK for free.

STEP 1: Go to Google Play Store and search for Facebook Lite. Open the app and copy the URL from the address bar.

STEP 2: Head over to Evozi’s APK Downloader and paste the URL which you have copied from Google Play Store. You can even paste the product ID, but I suggest you to copy and paste the entire URL.

STEP 3: Now, click on the “Generate Download Link” blue button.

install facebook lite apk for android

STEP 4: Within seconds, it generates the link to download Facebook Lite apk for Android. Click on that link and your Facebook Lite apk gets downloaded to your computer.

Note: It is always advisable to scan the downloaded apk before installing in your Android device. It will keep you away from any sort of virus.

Steps to installed downloaded Facebook Lite apk for Android in your Android device

STEP 1: Open “Settings” and tap on “Security”.

STEP 2: In “Security” look for “Unknown Sources”. This option will be disable as Google does not allows any third party sources to get installed on your Android Device.

install facebook lite apk for android from unknown sources

STEP 3: Toggle the option “Unknown Sources” to turn it ON. Now, it allows you to install any apk file even away from Google Play Store. If asks for confirmation or displays any warning message click “Yes”.

Features of Facebook Lite apk for Android

  • Facebook Lite provides all the features provided by Facebook.
  • You can access Facebook and all of it’s features even in slow network bandwidth and slow internet connection areas.
  • You can create groups, pages, share and upload photos.
  • It allows you to send a message to your contacts and can be done anything which was done with a normal Facebook app.
  • It is of only 1 MB in size and takes less time to download and install.

Facebook Lite apk for Android is really a good step from Facebook. There intention of connecting everyone even in the slow network bandwidth and weak internet connections is really awesome. So, have you downloaded Facebook Lite for Android? Please, share you experiences with us through comments.

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