Make Money Online By Doing Online Surveys

The easiest way to earn money in the world is doing online surveys. You don’t need to have any special skills you just need internet connection and account in survey sites that’s it.

Register in as many Web sites as possible why I am saying this is doing online surveys is the easiest way, but you will have fewer opportunities to do surveys.So if you register on a lot of sites, you will get more surveys so will be money.

  • You don’t need to visit their sites to do surveys they will send you an Email if you are eligible for any survey.

Earn money online surveys
In online reviews, your work is to share your true opinion. Never try to finish the surveys quickly by giving random options. Their algorithms will identify you you will not be paid for that survey.

So my suggestion is fair when you are doing surveys then you will surely get your money. Sometimes they will repeat the questions, if you are doing blindly then you will be out of the survey. You should give the same answer if they ask you same questions. Now see best of the best sites to do online surveys.

Best Sites to earn online money by surveys

iPanel Online India

  •  It is one of the largest survey networks in Asia.
  • There will be more survey available on different products.
  • After you join iPanel and participate in the survey, you will get your money.
  • To start to earn money Register Here


  • This is one of the biggest survey networks to make money.
  • In this site, they will give you points when you complete a survey.
  • For every 10minute  survey, you will get minimum of 2000 points that means 20 rupees/survey(0.33 USD)
  • By using those points, you can do with draw money by PayPal or you can get Flipkart, I Indiatimes shopping, central gift vouchers.
  • There will be a lucky draw for every month; winner  will get 1,50,000 INR.($2,750)
  • If want to choose one among all of this this is best.Highly recommended.
  • To join  Register Here

Survey Savvy

  • It is One of the best sites which pay very high for every completed paid survey.
  • Not only you get paid for participating in the online survey but also when you refer your family and friends.
  • But here less work will be available.The frequency of surveys is very less.
  • To start earning Register here

Paid view point

  • This is the best site for making money by doing online surveys.
  • It’s very very easy & they will pay the high amount.
  • Payment will be by PayPal.Minimum payout is $25.
  • To start earning Register Here

Brand Institute

  • Brand Institute is founded in 1993, conducts market research in industries ranging from pharmaceutical to consumer products.
  • The panel currently has over 7 million members worldwide, and their feedback aids in the development of products and services in the health care industry and beyond.
  • They pay cash (anywhere from $2 to $30 or more) per completed survey via check or PayPal.
  • They have panels both for medical and consumers so everyone is welcome to join.

Star Panel

  • This is the most famous sites as STAR Panel is started by Star India Pvt. Ltd (STAR TV).
  • In this you will get fewer surveys and money will be very very high.
  • The money will be paid by only Flipkart vouchers.
  • The number of surveys depends upon who you are and what your preferences.
  • Highly recommended.
  •  You can  Register here.

These are best of the best sites to do online surveys.

Note: Please provide your correct details while you are registering for any website and read instructions before doing any survey in any website.
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  • Taking part in surveys can earn you a decent monthly income, it is worth doing some research to find out more if you are not sold on the idea.

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