Best File Recovery Softwares To Get Permanently Deleted Files

best file recovery software

Looking for best software to recover your deleted files from your computer ? There are many software's to get permanently deleted folders.It is very hard to pick one best software so,  I decided to give a list of free best file recovery apps. You can recover shift deleted files most of the times but if [...]

Lock Folders With Password in Windows 8.1/8/7 Without Software


Hiding your important files or folders from others is very easy in Windows 8.1 or Windows 8/7 PC. You can protect all your personal folders with specific password that too without installing any software’s. This trick is very helpful for those who are having too much sensitive information in their PC. In this tutorial we'll [...]

Hide Files & Folders in Windows 8.1, 8,7


This simple tutorial is for windows beginners.Some times we need to protect our files from others especially personal photos videos and documents.If you are using a computer in a home or  in college you should know this easy trick to secure all files from others.In this tutorial i will show you how to hide files [...]

Make Money Online from Home – 10 Best ways

The online jobs, working from home  business is a big revolution in this century and it is working very well for the clients as well as contractors.Still many people don't believe in working online but smart people like you are started making money from home. Still if you have any confusions or doubts in your mind [...]

Secure your Gmail with 2- Step verfication -[ How to setup]

We all know the importance of securing online activities.When it comes to online activities Gmail plays a role.If you want to register in any website we need a Email.So just thing what will happen if some one hacks our email password.Not only the email it is very essential to secure all online can see [...]

New features in windows 8.1,Difference between windows 8 and 8.1

After facing a tough situation with windows 8 operating system which is having lot of problems Microsoft now come up with it's new operating system windows 8.1 which is named as windows blue. Check out How to create Windows 8.1/8 bootable DVD/USB drive Now windows 8.1 final version is ready to download.You can download the [...]