Showbox on Chromecast, Steps to Watch Showbox on TV

Hi, guys how are you all, today I’m here with an excellent guide on how to use Showbox with Chromecast to stream the movies and serials on your TV. Though Showbox app is available on various Platforms like iOS and android, many people still don’t like the average availability. Because normally it is not a good experience to watch a full length (2 hours long) movie on a 4 or 5-inch smartphone screen. That’s why you may want to steam Showbox movies on your TV, the best way to do so is using the Chromecast. Chromecast has developed by the Search Giant Google; it is a smart USB device which can stream your smartphone screen on your TV using the Wi-Fi connection.

As Chromecast can stream the screen of your smartphone on your TV, it can also steam the Showbox, but the question here is – “how to use Showbox on Chromecast to Steam Showbox on TV.” Don’t worry I have written a detailed step by step guide about steaming Showbox on Your TV using Chromecast below. Before jumping into the tutorial I’ve shared some info regarding Showbox and Chromecast, I know many of you guys already know the information, but there are still many people who don’t know. If you already know the info, then you can scroll down the page to skip it.

Showbox on Chomecast

Showbox android app allows you to watch movies and serials for free on your smartphone or any other device which runs on Android or iOS. Show box app is not available on official Google Play just like other standard Android apps, though you can download Showbox app from this here (direct download link). Showbox has become very popular because you can watch movies, serials, etc. for free from Showbox. There are many apps available out there, but the only Showbox is completely free. Which makes it the king of all the movie watching apps. It gives you ultimate entertainment experience with its vast collection of film. Words will be not enough to describe its features. If you face any errors during the installation of Showbox app on your device, then you may need to uninstall and then reinstall it, and you get rid of that problem.

Now some info about Chromecast. As I have already told, Google develops Chromecast. Chromecast allows you to get the data from your smartphone on your TV. This data can be anything like image, music, video, anything. The price of Chromecast is like $35. Chromecast requires a good Wi-Fi connection to receive data. You can check more details on Chromecast from here. I think the information is enough, let’s jump into the tutorial now.

Watch Showbox Movies on TV Using Chromecast Device

Before jumping into the step by step guide, please make sure you have downloaded these apps: Showbox, AllCast Premium, GrowBox and have Chromecast device. I think you already have Chromecast, but may be you don’t have the AllCast Premium and GrowBox. Don’t worry; you can download these from the download links given below. All Cast premium app will cost you some bucks (~ $5.1). So, why waiting Check the Steps below.

Step 1: You need to uninstall the MX Player if you have it Installed on Your Smartphone. Open Settings, then go to apps and select MX Player now click uninstall to uninstall MX Player from your smartphone.

mx player chromecast

Step 2: Download AllCast Premium from the link given below And Install AllCast Premium.

chromecast showbox

Download AllCast Premium (Google Play Link)

Step 3: Now you need to Download and Install GrowBox from the link provided below. You need it because – the latest update of the Showbox app do no support directly streaming on Chromecast.

Download GrowBox APK

** You may Turn on “Unknown Sources” (Go to Settings > Security > Turn on ‘Unknown Sources’) to install the Growbox.

showbox movies

Step 4: Make sure that both Chromecast and Your Smartphone is Connected to Your Wi-Fi. And Plug Chromecast in the USB port of your TV.

Step 5: Open Showbox app on your phone. Now you will see that there are many movies available there to watch. Select any video that you want to watch.

Step 6: After selecting you will see a pop-up box, now uncheck the “use internal player” and press watch now, now you need to click on the button that says “Open with AllCast.”

Step 7: Now AllCast window will appear, and it will search for all the players available.

Step 8: If you have perfectly done all the steps above then you will see Your Chromecast, select that. And your Video is now streaming on your TV via Your Chromecast. Enjoy watching the movie bro :).

watch movies chromecast

using Showbox with chrome cast

So that’s been a complete step by step guide, I think I have covered every single step that you need follow in this guide. One thing that you need to take a good of is – make sure you have pretty good internet speed. Otherwise, you will not be able to watch movies on TV via Chromecast using Showbox. And still, if you need any help, please comment below. I would love to help you. Also, make sure you have shared this guide with your friends over social media. Thanks for Reading :).

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  • Hey Srinu, just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to help folks enjoy. Let me ask this though, I have received those letters from the cable company when I downloaded movies from kickass torrents don’t know if I got them from pirate bay. Is the any different or will they still track it to my ip?
    I started to read about this and think using a proxy server is what I need to do, is this correct? If so can you suggest any good ones, I would think that may slow my speed down to ?
    sorry but I am in my 50’s and trying to keep up with technology, feel iam doing OK but would like some reassurance, sorry if this is an improper use of this Comment sight but it is the only means I have to ask your help, just want to block my isp when downloading and for my daughter also.
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