Showbox Download For PC/Laptop on Windows 10/8.1/7

Hi guys, are you willing to download Showbox for PC/laptop on your Windows 10 or Windows 8.1?. Then, this is a simple tutorial which tells you how to get the Showbox app on PC/laptop.

Simply follow the steps in this post to download and install the Showbox on your Windows laptop or PC. The Show Box free app is not available for windows phones.

  1. Showbox for Android
  2. Showbox for iPhone and Ipad

Showbox is a marvelous application which is created for enjoying the movies and programs from your PC. You just need an Internet connection to watch films.

Don’t struggle to browse for any latest movies, you are provided a ‘Search’ option at the right top of the window. Just type any movie name and click on the one which you wish to see and enjoy it. Now let’s go to the download of Showbox app for PC and laptop.

Showbox For PC, Show Box for Windows 10/8.1

Since this Showbox is not available in the Play Store, you can’t get this straight away into your PC. For installing Showbox, you need to do two simple steps.

First one is to download an Emulator Programmer in your laptop and then downloading the APK file of Showbox and running this Apk file with the Emulator to install app Showbox.

The Emulator that is in demand and being used by so many users is BlueStacks. It is a freeware i.e., free of charge and has very bantam file size. You can get this App player here only by utilizing the link below.

Download BlueStacks

Later you wind up with the download if BlueStack, install it. For fixing any error or trouble at the time of the installing software you can check out >> error free BlueStacks installation.

Now the main thing is how we utilize this App player to install your favorite app Showbox.

Showbox Download For Laptop in Windows 8.1/10

As I said earlier, you are going to download the Apk of Showbox for the purpose of installing it. So, this file is very easy to fetch and get it from the below link.

Download Showbox

After completing this process, go to the path where you’ve saved that file on your PC. Now open that file with the BlueStacks Apk Handler. With that, it’ll be installed automatically. If you have confusion in this, see the image below.

showbox windows pc

  • Later doing the above step you’ll get the app in BlueStacks. To open and use this app, you need to move on to the All apps and run the Showbox there.

showbox pc

showbox laptop

  • Now you got the most amazing app Showbox on your Windows laptop, just savor your time with it.

showbox app download

Interesting Facts About Showbox

  • It entertains you whenever you’re free
  • Search tool is the main advantage
  • Everything is free to watch
  • Clarity can be set to the movies.
  • Check out WhatsApp for PC.

That’s the finish to my simple and useful post for you to download Showbox for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 or 7 PC Laptop. If you’re a Windows user, this is just an intimation that you can also use this astonishing application Showbox in Windows 10 also.

If you wish to ask anything about this post or topic, you can talk about them in the comments. That’s it all about Showbox app download.

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  • I downloaded bluestack and the apk but I can’t open the apk using bluestack its not coming up as an option..

  • I have bluestacks and showboxs work. Can I uninstall bluestacks and still use showbox?
    Is there a way to do that>

    • Nope. you can’t use it without bluestacks.

    • how did you get showbox to work on your pc?

      • Install Bluestacks, then install aptoide in bluestacks. Search and download showbox from aptoide. Once showbox is installed it will ask to be upgraded. Make sure you upgrade each time it asks.

        • There are several Showbox apps on Aptoide but currently (November 2015) I’m afraid ALL of them are “fakes”, even the one with the correct logo. Thanks for the intro to Aptoide though, it has some good stuff on it.

          • Itechuk store in aptoide has showbox that is not fake and they keep it updated often. I hope this helps you to be able to download and enjoy showbox! Oh yeah, they are also really great about answering their emails!!!!

  • Is there a way to transfer the films and tv shows that I have downloaded onto my actual laptop?

    • Hi, I am using showbox on my pc via bluestacks. I cannot locate the movie files in explorer (I want to move them onto my hard drive). Any idea where I can find them? Many thanks. Al.

      • I had to use ES File Explorer in order to find the files. I downloaded the App within the BlueStacks Emulator. Then, I could find the movie files in the ShowBox Folder on the Emulated SDcard.

    • Hi- did you ever get a reply on this? I also have movies I downloaded thru Showbox but can’t find where they are on my laptop! Please let me know if you ever find out.


      • It’s working fine dude. Just update app.

  • It keeps asking me to update, how do I do that?

  • install failed invalid apk

  • tried to install this but kept coming up error code 1406

  • i downloaded all tools, blueStacks and show box. Everything seems to work but when i choose a film, then press the button “watch now’, a movie is downloading and then black screen and that is it…nothing happening for long time. The same problems with all films i tried to watch. What is wrong?

    • I have the same problem. Downloaded and played the first movie fine and now a black screen overtime I try.

      • Me to i downloaded everything , however then when i actualy play the movie it glitches all the time and the words are not with the lips. This fucking sucks!!!

  • downloaded a movie and i can’t where it is to copy on my USB

  • Hello,
    I’ve downloaded bluestacks and showbox as the instructions say to do, but once I go to a movie or show it says ‘ Video unavailable try a different server” but for all the servers. Any advice?

    • Hi Mary, that is the problem with Showbox servers. hopefully Soon it’ll be fixed.

  • I just installed bluestakcs and showbox, when i go to watch anything it redirects me to the main page of bluestacks. Whats up with this?

  • bluestacks is know telling me if I want to continue using it I must either pay $ 200 a month or download a list of apps they have listed .

    • I just got the same message… Has anyone had trouble after downloading the apps?

  • I installed bluestacks but every time i click the showbox apk file bluestacks says the apk is invalid

    • Try to get latest version of showbox.

  • I downloaded it but none of the movies work. It constantly tells me that they are unavailable and that I should try a different server when everything works fine on my phone.