Simple Guide To Get Your First Job In Elance

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Make+money+onlineWhat is ELANCE ?
Elance is the site where you can find more opportunities like Data-entry, Web-researching, app development, web designing, article writing and more and more.

Earning ranges:

    • Data-entry and web researching: $3-10/hourly and $500-1000/month.
  • Web designing and SEO: $10-15/hourly and $1000-5000/monthly
  • App development and  android development: $10-40/hourly and $1000-8000
  • Article writers and content writers:$10-25/hourly and $1000-5000
Registration process:

In the registration process elance has different pattern. Study the instructions carefully and register with your correct details otherwise you will have to face some problems while with drawing the money you earned.

Profile making:

  • After Entering into the site you have to work on your profile. Your better profile makes you better earnings.
  • Making a good profile reflects on your earnings, so your profile should be clean and professional.
  • Profile image also has impact on job opportunities. Your profile pic must not be any copy righted image by some others. So,better to keep your own photo and that should be professional.
  • Don’t think that this is a big process to do. If You are reading this line means you have already became a professional.
  • Because you found this helpful article in the web and you are following  most precious instructions here.
So,slow and steady  wins the  race.
  • Don’t worry once you start earning money your life turns into professional. But be patient because you are new to Elance.
  • Never give up. One day you will definitely have your own trade mark because settled professionals were also freshers in the past.
So, you will be the settled professional in the coming future.
  • You have to submit your resume in this site. Resume means not a PDF or something as hard copy.Just words and sentences that reflects your professionalism. Prominent your strengths and skills.
  • In this site you can see portfolio field.Portfolio is a file(i.e, Excel sheet,png,jpg and pdf etc) that contains your past work.
  •  There are some tests that you can appear for. These are not necessary but qualified ones get more opportunities than not taken ones.
  • If you want to take tests you better take tests on your interesting fields, if you qualify,that shows you are well professional in that field. So that you can have more opportunities in that field.
  • For example if you are interested in Data-entry and Web researching fields you better take Microsoft -Excel test.That shows you are good in Microsoft-excel. So that you can apply and get Data-entry and Web researching jobs.
  • If you have any problems regarding to tests you can contact us HERE. We are happy to help you.

How to apply for the jobs?

  • Here you will be called as “FREELANCER” or “CONTRACTOR”. Clients are the ones who give jobs,will post the jobs and you have to apply for the jobs.
  • while you are applying to job you have to mention about your hourly rate or your fixed rate depends on what type of job you are applying. And also you have to write a cover letter,that should be contain about your strengths and skills.
  • For freshers job quota is 50. If you want you can upgrade your account that makes your quota increase and shines your profile.
How do you know whether you got the job or not?
  • Don’t worry you will get notifications through Emails and you have messages and notifications tab in your elance account.

Note:Some of the Clients who post fixed price jobs sometimes don’t pay money for work.We can’t say all the clients are same.

But you can surely apply for the posts(hourly or fixed) of the Clients who has the good ranking and verified payment method. You will not face these kind of situations in Hourly rate jobs. Elance corporations can take care of your work. You can apply for the both kinds of jobs but you have to be able to do that job efficiently.

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