Avast Antivirus For Windows 10/8.1 Free Download 32 & 64 bit

Avast Antivirus 2015 is a great software, and completely free software for Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. And the good part of downloading the offline installer is that you can install it without an internet connection. For those who have a slow internet connection, it is a boon. Doing this, you can protect your PC or laptop completely from malwares and viruses and all the other things that can possibly do your machine harm.

Avast Windows 10

There are several benefits of downloading and installing Avast Antivirus for Windows 10. Once you download and install this offline for free, your windows PC or laptop will be completely protected from the wraths of viruses and malwares. You can scan your entire machine with just a single click, yes that is all you need to do; when you have done that you can leave the rest for Avast antivirus to do. It will scan your Windows 10 PC/laptop for viruses, malwares, and other things, and if it finds these on your machine, it will automatically deal with it.

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Avast free antivirus also deals with Trojans. It will scan and remove Trojans from your machine which are very dangerous. It can get easily downloaded from the internet under the name of some software or game. It spreads right under your nose, without you having the slightest information on that.

Avast AntiVirus Free Download For Windows 10/8.1

Yes, Trojans spread really fast and are really harmful for your computer. Avast Free Antivirus does a brilliant job of protecting your computer from the attacks of Trojans. Avast free antivirus for Windows 10 can be downloaded and installed for free on both 32 bit and 64 bit computers.

Avst Antivirus, besides protecting your computer from Trojans, viruses, and all, also scans your network and routers and optimises your security in accordance to that. With Avast Free Antivirus, hackers and Trojans don’t stand any chance. It also scans your internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers for harmful and unwanted plugins and lets you completely remove them.

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With the clean interface Avast Antivirus has got, you do not have to worry about anything. It automatically updates itself, which you can also disable. You can do manual scan and schedule scans too. All of this can be done with just a single clean. Yes, Avast free antivirus for Windows 10 is very easy to use. The above download link is same for both 32 bit windows 10 PCs and for 64 bit Windows Computers.

Features of Avast free Antivirus for Windows 8.1/10

Avast antivirus is loaded with features for your PC or laptop running on Windows 10. Some of them are:

  • Free and fast scan.
  • Very attractive user interface which is also user friendly
  • Smart Scanning features lets you save time with scanning and displays a list of infections that are found.
  • Network Scanner which lets you scan your network for any defects.
  • Ability to scan wireless devices and routers- all for free.
  • Automatic Updates provides great automated maintenance.
  • Automatic Update of Virus definitions protects your computer from the latest viruses.
  • Browser clean up feature removes unwanted plugins and cache from your browser, thus improving your browsing performance and experience.
  • Protection of folders and locations of your choice

Here was a brief guide on Avast antivirus for Windows 10 which is very helpful to protect your computer from harmful viruses. You can download it easily and offline for free on your Windows 10 computer. If you have any questions or suggestions, mention that to us in the comment section. We love to hear back from you. This is all about Avast for Windows 10 32 bit & 64 bit Computers. Hope you’ve downloaded avast free antivirus successfully.