Clixsense Review – is Clixsense a Real Site or Scam?

is Clixsense Real?

Yes, Clixsense is a genuine website. I have worked with Clixsense and earned over $3000 so far. You don’t need to have any doubts about Clixsense. You can happily register in Clixsense.

clixsense review

Note: Clixsense Now completely changed a Survey based website as it helps everyone to make more money. Don’t wait, Sign Up for Clixsense Now.

Clixsense was a PTC site. PTC means paid to click that means just you have to see their ads for 3-30 sec and they will pay you for that.

In every PTC site, there will be tasks section. Crowd flower will provide this tasks. You can’t earn too much money by just seeing ads you have to do tasks. Don’t worry I will explain more about this tasks and also I will tell you how to earn $500/month in Clixsense for free.

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After entering into PTC sites you may feel we cant earn more money here but it’s a big mistake by viewing ads you can’t earn, but you can do tasks. Everyone feel difficulties in doing tasks(when you are new to tasks). But never give up.
Tip: With out any technical skills also you can earn lot money here you just need a good internet connection. PTC sites are best for the new users.

Clixsense Review

Clixsense is the World’s Best Site to earn money online easily. 90% of the online users who are earning online money had started their earnings from here. Every person who wants to earn money for the first time this is the ideal site for them. In this site, you can make money by doing different works. There are 4 ways to make money in Clixsense.

  • See the image below and read the description about each category to earn maximum money. Clixsense Review for beginners.

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Earm money in Clixsense

1st way to Earn in Clixsense

In Clixsense there will be a tab called view ads as shown in above figure marked with blue color. you can make money by viewing ads for 5-30 seconds.You can’t earn more than more than $20 per/month by just viewing ads.Now you may be in little dilemma then why this is the best site.Here comes the answer.There are 3 more major parts are there from here you can earn up to $300 -$500 per/month.

Now you may be in little dilemma then why this is the best site.Here comes the answer. There are 3 more major parts are there from here you can earn up to $300 -$500 per/month.

For beginners, it may not be possible to make $500/month but if you start working in Clixsense you will come to know how to earn more money. Many people are earning more than $1000 in Clixsense per month.what ever you read in the previous line is absolutely correct many people are earning up to $1000. Are you ready to know how to earn in Clixsense?then keep reading.

2nd way to make money online in Clixsense:

In Clixsense there will be another tab which is named as Tasks which is marked with black color in figure.This is the main source to earn more & more money.These task are really easy.But many beginners will feel these are difficult and they will give it up.

Those people can’t earn money online anywhere because money never comes quickly.Those tasks are easy, but you have to do them with accuracy.

When you start doing tasks for the first time, you may not get high(70-100%) accuracy, but if you spend some time to do tasks(may be 1-3 months depends upon your knowledge), you can do hundreds of tasks with high accuracy.

There will be a bonus for top 10 workers in every week.The topper of the week will be rewarded $50 and rest of others will be distributed with $50 depends on their place.This is a big bonus for top workers.We also started doing online jobs from here.You have to do more tasks to get more money.Most of the times tasks may not be available so you have to check the tasks section regularly.

I have given some steps to do tasks at the Paid to click page.If you want to know the best techniques to do tasks successfully subscribe to FastTechBuzz.I will publish a new article about crowd flower tasks soon.This is one way to get money in Clixsense.Here comes the next and very easy part.

3rd way to make money online in Clixsense

There will be a offer tab which you can see in the figure marked with blue and red colors.If you click on that you will see 5 categories.In this page some tasks will be there but not like previous tasks these different like installing their software’s or mobile apps, viewing YouTube videos, registering in some websites, doing surveys etc.

In this tab, some times reviews will be available to you.You will be rewarded with the very high amount to do studies in less time say $1 for 15 minutes.

Surveys will not be available most of the times.If surveys are available you can do 5 surveys per a day.Still one more way is there to earn money in Clixsense.Many people are not visiting offers tab at this is the easy way to make extra money so don’t miss it.

4th way to make money online in Clixsense

Next way to become rich in Clixsense is Clix grid which is marked with red color.In this game a square will be there consisting of ~600 small boxes. You can click any one of them.This is a lucky draw.Every time you click on a box a ad will open in new tab after 10 sec that ad will show you whether you are the winner or not.You will be having 30 chances per day.Lucky winner will get $10.

After earning your money it’s time to with draw your money. This site will pay your money by PayPal or Payza. In order to with draw your money, you should have Minimum of $8 in your account. I will suggest you to with draw your money by PayPal. Because in PayPal processing fee is less.If you don’t know what is PayPal click here.

Warning: Don’t use two accounts from one system.Never log in with two accounts in one system.both accounts will be blocked.

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Warning: when you’re viewing ads in PTC sites you will see a lot of sites similar to this but never register in them because 99% of them are fake.Be careful while you’re going to register in new PTC Sites.If you like this don’t forget to share and subscribe here.

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    • In your browser open Private browsing and try. If you are using Firefox press Ctrl+Shift+p then you will see a new window open clixsense in that. What type of error you are getting while opening Clixsense.

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