Delete WiFi Hotspot in Windows 8/7/8.1

After writing a post about creating a WiFi hotspot in Windows 8 and Windows8.1/7 many of my readers asking me how to delete or remove/stop the created WiFi hotspot in Windows 8. I should have written this article before few weeks but I could not get time to write this one.

Those who want to delete the WiFi hotspot in any version of Windows just follow the below simple steps. If you are using any software to make hotspot then you must turn off your WiFi hotspot using that software. This method is especially for those who created the WiFi hotspot network using the command prompt(CMD). It will not take more than a minute. Don’t forget to like and share.

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Delete WiFi Hotspot in Windows 8/7, Windows 8.1

Right click on the Network icon in notification area( usually right most bottom side). Check the below figure.

windows network icon

You will see 2 options in right click menu one is troubleshoot problems and another one is Network and sharing center.Click on Network and sharing option then you will see a new window.

In network and sharing center windows at the top left you will see some options like in below image you just click on Change Adapter settings.

Network and sharing center in windows 8
click on Change Adapter Settings

As soon as you click on setting you will get network connection window. There you can see all of your network dials up and wireless connections. I have only six connection as you can see in the image.

Remove WiFi Hotspot in WIndows 8
Delete Local Area Connection

Now you have to be little careful. In the all existing connections find local area connection 13 ( some people will get 11 in place of 13). Select that network and just press Delete button. Now restart your Windows PC. That’s it, friends, you won’t see you WiFi hotspot network.

If you have a lot of network connections in you PC/laptop just select all and press delete ( follow this step at your own risk).

If you want you can again create WiFi Hotspot easily in Windows using just 3 commands. I hope you like the simple tutorial.

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