Delete WiFi Hotspot in Windows 8/7/8.1

After writing a post about creating a WiFi hotspot in Windows 8 and Windows8.1/7 many of my readers asking me how to delete or remove/stop the created WiFi hotspot in Windows 8. I should have written this article before few weeks but I could not get time to write this one.

Those who want to delete the WiFi hotspot in any version of Windows just follow the below simple steps. If you are using any software to make hotspot then you must turn off your WiFi hotspot using that software. This method is especially for those who created the WiFi hotspot network using the command prompt(CMD). It will not take more than a minute. Don’t forget to like and share.

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Delete WiFi Hotspot in Windows 8/7, Windows 8.1

Right click on the Network icon in notification area( usually right most bottom side). Check the below figure.

windows network icon

You will see 2 options in right click menu one is troubleshoot problems and another one is Network and sharing center.Click on Network and sharing option then you will see a new window.

In network and sharing center windows at the top left you will see some options like in below image you just click on Change Adapter settings.

Network and sharing center in windows 8

click on Change Adapter Settings

As soon as you click on setting you will get network connection window. There you can see all of your network dials up and wireless connections. I have only six connection as you can see in the image.

Remove WiFi Hotspot in WIndows 8

Delete Local Area Connection

Now you have to be little careful. In the all existing connections find local area connection 13 ( some people will get 11 in place of 13). Select that network and just press Delete button. Now restart your Windows PC. That’s it, friends, you won’t see you WiFi hotspot network.

If you have a lot of network connections in you PC/laptop just select all and press delete ( follow this step at your own risk).

If you want you can again create WiFi Hotspot easily in Windows using just 3 commands. I hope you like the simple tutorial.

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  • One problem…the option to delete is not allowed. Only the disable option is there.

    • Then disable it and restart your PC and please let me know whether it is still there or not.

      • I had that same problem and disabling isn’t fixing it caus it will just start up.
        I want to delete it but I can’t do that either.
        In the end I’m stuck at this point and searching at google how to fix it.
        I’m currently now in the device manager searching which 1 I shoud delete but I’m scared and don’t know which 1 to choose from so please if you have an answer then it will be a HUUUUUGE help for me.
        Btw thanks for the upcomming comments which maybe are helpfull.

        • nevermind found it.
          for those who have issues with it just like me:
          adapter advanced settings > look at theyr properties > go to device manager >
          you know the name caus of the second step > click uninstall in devicemanager > it;s gone without even restarting

          • Thanks for intimating to us. This will help others.

          • i have disable local area connection then i again tried to create hospot but problem occured..i didn’t get ur answer of device manager..what to uninstall?

          • Pavan listen closely I’l explain it in greater detail for the 1 who wants to delete the second or third (or 4,5,6 and so on xD) local internet which can’t be uninstalled with normal matters.
            1. First OPEN Network and sharing center
            2. on the left it says: change adapter settings “click it”
            3. you will get all the internet you have made click on properties of the internet you want to delete and search for: “connect using” it’s really easy to see caus when you open it it will stand directly above (now you have the name)
            4. then search for device manager
            5. click on network adapters
            6. search the connect using name you have found in step 3
            7. delete it
            8. OMG YOURE DONE!! without restarting it’s fixed
            everyone HEAP HEAP HURRAY!!!! ^(>.<)^

          • Thanks for your tip.

      • hi i just disabled mine because it wasnt working but i went to make a new one and it says on quote in the command prompt the hosted network couldnt be started the group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation plz help i have windows 10 and a weak signal from downstairs with my phone picks it up my computer cant run these other programs unfortunatly virtual hotspot programs or whatever so this way is the only way that works plz help me fix ty

  • hey! i disabled it, and i want it back on. however cmd gave me “The hosted network couldn’t be started. The group or resource is not in the correct start to perform the requested operation” how do i solve this?

    • Hi Susan, we’re experiencing same problem but i already solved it. All you have to do is go to “Device manager” then “View” then mark “show hidden devices” then look for “Network adapters” right click on “Microsoft hosted network virtual adapter”>”properties” then enable it. You may go now to “CMD” and run “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” w/o qoutes.! Boom you’re DONE!!!!

      • thank you dude(Mr. Nords)
        You helped me a lot.

      • thanks Nords it is now working thx alot ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Thanks buddy

  • dude…
    i need help man..!!
    i created a Wifi hotspot in windows 8.1 OS in my laptop by using Command Prompt.
    now i want to delete it somehow..!
    is there any way?
    please E-mail me at

  • i disable it now i want to enable that local network its not coming how to enable it

  • five up, thanks bro, mypublic wifi made it in win7 and win8 but ill try to make it also through cmd

    have a nice day

  • hi i am using hp 2000.2313 tu lap with a windows 8.1 os.i was trying to create a wifi hotspot from my lap,so that i can use internet in my phone also.but i tryd all.still its not working..need help.thankk u

  • Hye guys!
    Srinu, thank you for posts. I’ll be glad to mention I consider them very helpful; this one in particular.
    I’ll also want to share this with you…
    Instead of deleting or disabling the created hotspot manually, one can also do it using the COMMAND PROMPT by simply typing:
    [netsh wlan stop hostednetwork] then enter.

    • Yes you can do that. Whenever I write any tutorial using CMD most of the people are feeling it as tricky so I decided to keep it in this way. Anyway thanks for talking your time to write this one.

  • Seems like some people in this thread experienced the same problems, and therefore I will try once again to see if someone has any solution for it. By mistake I’ve deleted my network from the adapter settings, and when I try to restart it the only answer I get is “The hosted network couldn’t be started. The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation” I’ve also tried installing a number of different virtual hotspot programs, but none of them seems to be working. Any idea how to solve this?

    • You try connectify pro software. Definitely it will work everyone. All you have to do is restart your PC and install that software.

  • hey I want to know how to delete a cell phone hotspot for a windows 7 laptop

  • hey frnds plss help me….i have started enabled hosted network..and bymistakely i disabled it…and after that wen i try to again start the hosted network it is showing an error that the resource is not in its correct state…in cmd…plzz help me in solving this and to again enable the wifi hotspot..plsss

  • just type in cmd (administrator) netsh wlan stop hostednetwork network name

  • I disabled it in control panel but again if I wanted to start it it’s not working

  • Easy way to delete wifi connections on windows 8 is left click on wifi (bottom right) then right click on wifi connection to forget, option there, voila done!! forgotten

  • Hi, I set up my hosted network, using cmd. I checked that my ics is running in services, checked the peer commands, checked device manager, stopped/ started virtual hosted network thing. Uninstalled reinstalled my drivers, checked the box allow other computers to connect, turned on, restarted allow this computer to turn off blah blah to save power. Turned off, allow this computer blah blah to save power and restarted. Unplugged my modem, left it for two hour, plugged it back in again, but I am stuck, some how I selected wifi, instead of my virtual local area connection 14. Now I cant delete the wifi thing, there is no drop down menu to chose my local area connection. Other than a complete reinstall, any ideas how to fix this problem? I found one person with the same problem but no fix was given to him. Please help, somebody.

  • got the fix, to my previously mentioned problem. After I had set up the virtual hosted network, Windows 8.1, I couldnt select my new hosted network in my main network, that is connected to the net. There was meant to be a drop down box, so I could select the newly started host network, but all I could see was wifi. I couldnt delete wifi, I couldnt change it, and no drop down box. The problem was I had already selected the check box, on my network connection connected to the net, that says let other computers connect to the net through this computer. I finally worked I have to uncheck that box that says let other computers connect to the net blah blah press OK, close it, reopen it and then the drop box is there and you can select your newly formed hosted network or in laymans terms the computer you want to access the wifi hotspot you just made. God, I hate Windows 8.1. May a thousand fleas infest the camels of the man, or team, that designed 8.1.

  • thanks a million… i’m so grateful to you for showing me this step ๐Ÿ˜€

  • or one line step using Command Prompt… netsh wlan stop hostednetwork … command this statement n it’ll fully stop

  • my hotspot is n but i couldnt share my internet connection please help me sir

  • i have disabled tht fasttechbuzz LAN how to enable it??

  • I have made wifi connection using cmd before a month. I am unable to get the password of that..

  • i created a virtual connection to share my laptop hotspot and every time i disable it it disappears, is there a way to have a permanent one?

  • I have disable the hotspot now how to enable it i have tried so many times in cmd recreating it but the same result please help me!!!

  • why does the hotspot network gets deleted automatically when i shut down my laptop????????

  • hey guys i have made my hotspot many times but now when i try to connect it from my phone it does not it fails to get ip adress and i went to my wifi properties and i tried to change it to my hotspot name but only goes to ethernet. please tell me how to fix this conflict. also the only option is ethernet and i cannot delete it to change or do anything with the word. please respond soon and help me.

  • i have done the above procedure but im facing a problem i.e it is showing available to join instead of ready to use how can i change the settings of it

  • Trying to delete WiFi hotspot off my phone but I can’t even get that option

  • i am facing a problem in deleting the adapter which is already disabled by mistaken and not getting in change adapter setting list do you have any delete commands through command prompt.

  • when I created the hotspot it gave everything automatically the ssid and the key, now I want to connect but I don’t know the key and I can’t review it like the normal way to view the key of wifi network..
    please help!

  • Thank you guys I’ve got the solution…
    in CMD : netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=(network name) key=(wifi password)