There may be cases you want to install apk files from Google Play Store, rather than installing the app directly to your Android device. It might be like you are not able to install the updated app correctly due to some issues or you may not able to install the app due to a slow internet connection. In those times, you may look forward to downloading APK files rather than looking to install them directly. There might be many ways and many websites which provide you the apk files for the requested app, but we need to be sure that the website does not introduce any malware into our computer. Get the Hotstar on PC also.

There might be also a case like a place you are in is restricting the installation of the app for Play Store or your android device does not have enough space right now to install the app. Even in those cases, you can download the apk file and install it later after you free up space in the device.

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Now, I will take you through two ways to download and install hotstar apk file to your computer. the Hotstar download is not a big process; it can be done simply by following simple steps. This method is applicable for every apk file.

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Hotstar App Download, Hostar APK Free Download

Hotstar live TV movies cricket is an android app developed by Start India Pvt. Ltd, an entertainment channel. You can enjoy movies, TV serials, Live Sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Soccer and many more through the app itself. In the season of the world cup, it is the most needed app for every Android user. Before looking at its features, let us jump to know about hotstar download and how to install hotstar apk. Do you know these wonderful “WhatsApp Tricks”? Read How to Download WhatsApp For Windows 8.1.

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Download hotstar apk from a website to your computer

As I already told you, there might be many websites which give you the apk of any Android app. Some of the websites may have the apk you are looking for and some of them might not have. Choosing the right website which has the required apk and that too it should be safe to our computer. I will let you know two websites which allow us to download hotstar apk for free. the hotstar download will take less time with these simple steps.

One website to download hotstar apk to your computer

Visit downloadatoz website and you can see an option to download hotstar apk to your computer. This website has almost all apks of an android app, but I provided the direct link of hotstar download. Click on the “Click to download” green button and your hotstar apk starts downloading. It gets downloaded within few seconds as it is only the apk file.

This website provides you the screenshots, download size and everything about the app similar to Play Store. This downloads the official apk from the Google Play Store and it does not create any problem to our Computer. If you want, you can scan the apk once it is downloaded.

Second website to download hotstar apk to your computer

Now, I will let you know the website, which is slightly different from the first website which we have seen now. This is the preferable apk downloader and the website to be chosen to download any apks. Evozi’s APK Downloader helps us to download hotstar apk for free. Follow these steps for hotstar download.

  • Visit the Google Play Store and copy the URL of your required android app. In our case, it is the hotstar live TV movies cricket. Search for the app and copy the URL from the address bar.
  • Now visit, Evozi’s APK Downloader and paste the URL you just copied from Google Play Store. You can even copy the app’s package ID or entire app URL.
  • Hit the “Generate Download Link” blue button and after few seconds, it generates the hotstar download link. Click the link to download hotstar apk to your computer.

hotstar apk download

  • It is always advisable to scan the downloaded hotstar apk to make sure that, it is free from all sorts of virus before you install it to your android device.

Download hotstar app apk using the Chrome Extension

Till now, we have seen two websites for hotstar download. Those websites simply provides us the hotstar apk with simple steps. You can even download hotstar apk, by installing the Chrome Extension by name CodeKiem APK Downloader extension. After adding the extension toy our Chrome browser, you need to follow few steps to download the hotstar apk file and you can get all those steps clearly by heading over to CodeKiem Official Website.

These are some simple ways for hotstar download. Use these steps you can download any android app as apk. Now, we are done with the download of hotstar apk. Now, we need to install the downloaded hotstar apk in our Android device and there are few steps for this too, but they are simple and let us see them.

Steps to install hotstar app apk in Android device

  • Open Settings of you Android device and scroll down till you see Security and tap on it.
  • Under security look for Unknown sources section which says that, “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”. This option will be disabled by default. This means that, it does not allow the apk file to be installed in your device and it allows only installation from Google Play Store.
  • We need to enable this option to install apk files externally. Enable the option and it shows the security message. Click “Ok” and now your device is ready to install any apk file.


  • Copy the downloaded hotstar apk file from computer to your android device. Use any file explorer to find the apk file in your android device and double click on it to install it. That’s it. Now, hotstar apk is installed on your Android device.

Features of hotstar live TV movies cricket

  • No Sing up required.
  • Search for episodes made easy.
  • You can watch your favorite movies, Live Sports and more.
  • Easy navigation and attractive interface.
  • You can watch multilingual shows through app.
  • It is free to download and you can even download your favorite shows.

If you want to install the hotstar app, you can do that by heading over to Google Play Store. These are some of the ways for hotstar download to your computer and install hotstar apk no your Android device. Have you downloaded and installed hotstar apk in your android device? Hurry up and let us know if you have anything to add through comments.