Download Shadow Fight 2 For PC/Laptop, Install SF2 On Windows 10/8.1

We all love to play action games on smart mobiles. It may be on Windows, Android or iOS all we want is good gaming experience and entertainment. Every one of us has our favorite game which may come under racing games, action oriented games, puzzle games or fighting games.

Shadow Fight 2 comes under the fighting games and it is best among many. It gained popularity as a Facebook game and later on, it is available for Windows, Android, and iOS. Shadow Fight 2 is unique and different from other fighting games and action games.

It is the game with full of martial arts and players or characters are shown as shadows, rather than animated characters which we often see in any game. It also gives you the 3D experience of your desktop. You will be rewarded with points and medals when you move to next levels. It gives you weapons and they can be upgraded by earning points.

You will be given certain life line and when you reach the end of your life, you need to wait for few more minutes to regain your health.

Install Shadow Fight 2

You will get the experience of fighting with real Ninjas. Background score is really good and it creates the ambiance of real fighting. It shows the impact the shot you have used on the opposition very clearly. Having a fight between two shadows is really interesting to see and we being one in those two really give you a good gaming experience.

There is tournaments section also, where you need to win some games and win the tournament. The way you use weapons and keys to get a perfect shot is really awesome. You will get daily bonus points and a new tip as a new shot to use from thereafter.

This Shadow Fight 2 game is not yet available (for Windows 10) officially. Even though we don’t have this game for PC we can install and play Shadow Fight 2 for in Laptops and Desktops using a simple method. You can check that method below.

Shadow Fight 2 For PC/Laptop, Install SF2 For Windows 10

If playing in mobile gives you such gaming experience, they have you never thought of how it would be playing the Shadow Fight 2 on the desktop? Yes, you can play Shadow Fight 2 or any Android game on your Windows 10 and can get more gaming experience.

You can play your favorite game on the large screen of your desktop. Now, you can play Shadow Fight 2 on your desktop for free with the installation of single software by name BlueStacks. There might be many software or emulators available over the net, but I would suggest BlueStacks as it does its part very well.

So, first download BlueStacks and leave it until the download completes. As it is somewhat big software, it may take some good amount of minutes to complete the download. Anyways, it all depends on the data rate of your internet connection.

If it is fast, it may take just a few minutes. Once download is done, just double click on the ‘.exe’ file and click “Yes” if it asks for confirmation. It installs quickly and it does not take much time. It will create the shortcuts for BlueStacks on the desktop and double click it to open the BlueStacks.

Steps to Install and play Shadow Fight 2 on Windows Laptop/PC

  • Open BlueStacks you just installed on your desktop. It shows some Top Apps and other apps on the start screen. Just click on the “Search” button which is in orange color.

Seach in BlueStacks

  • Search for “Shadow Fight 2” using the search bar and it gives you the suggestions and lists down the game in seconds. It may ask you to log in and you can log in with your Google account. It will ask for permissions and you can go ahead by accepting them and there is no problem in that.
  • Later, click on the “Search Play for Shadow Fight 2” and it shows the game from Google Play Store.

Search Play for Shadow Fight 2

  • Now, click on the “Install” button which is beside the game and the game starts installing and in few minutes, you see that the game got installed.

Install Shadow Fight 2 in laptop

  • Now, you can open and play the Shadow Fight 2 game in your Desktop through BlueStacks. It shows you the keys to be used before starting the game.

These are simple steps to be followed to install and play Shadow Fight 2 on your desktop using BlueStacks.

Features of Shadow Fight 2 Game and things to know about it

Shadow Fight 2 allows you to select the player and start the fight with the opposition which is nothing but the computer. You need to win 2 of the 3 rounds to be a winner for that particular game and you will get to the next level by winning more such games. If you feel that, you are not good at using the keys to get the right shot; you can go to the training section and get trained. You can practice all the shots available and when you feel you are done with the practice, you can start playing again.

It gives you more points for headshots and these shots help you to win the game with very few shots. When you keep on going to next levels the complexity increases. Opposition starts playing well and that is the real challenge for us. For continuous shots, you will be getting double points. Whenever you give a blow or good shot to your opposition, it will be shown in slow motion and that shows how well the game is designed.

When you start playing the tournament mode, opposition comes one by one in a single game. You need to get them down, till your health comes down and after defeating all of them, you will win that particular tournament. There are many such levels and game modes which build interest in you to play it more.

Download Shadow Fight 2 Game For Windows Laptop Conclusion :

Shadow Fight 2 is really the best game among many fighting games available. Playing it does not give only the best gaming experience, but also the entertainment and refreshment which was our aim to play games. It is advisable to get command on the keys to get best shots and practice more by making use of practice section. Easy to install and play through BlueStacks. Get most out of the game and you can enjoy it a lot. Happy gaming!

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