Temple Run For Windows 10 PC & Laptops Free Download

Temple Run For Windows 10 PC/Laptop: Every one of us is fond of playing games both offline and online. Playing games in mobiles and desktop bring much excitement and cannot be compared with others. Even now, shooting games are so popular both on desktops and smart mobiles.

But, even in this buzz one continuously running game by name Temple Run has become so popular. As of now, it is played on Android, iOS, Windows and in other mobiles. This running game has gained much popularity and has already crossed millions of downloads is just a few days after the release.

Temple Run is available and accessible to download. Android users like Samsung S Duos, Samsung Galaxy S Duos, Samsung Advanced, Sony Experia Z and more can download it from Google Play Store. Users of iPad, iPhone5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPad Air 2 and other iOS devices can download Temple Run from iTunes.

Windows Phone users can download and install it from Windows Phone Store. Temple Run for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and for anyone is free of cost and do not need even a penny.  This brings you an excellent experience when you play it in any smart mobile, and you can enjoy a lot when you are moving from one level to another. User Interface is attractive, and you will enjoy the graphics.

temple run for windows pc laptop

Install Temple Run For Windows 10/8.1

As I already mentioned, playing Temple Run in any smart mobile gives you the great experience. The story revolves around the player (as you are playing, you are the player) will steal the idol from the temple and will start running.  A huge monkey who is fond of blood will be running behind you to get hold of you. You should be running as fast as you can (anyway speed control will not be in our hands) by collecting all coins and power ups on the way. You need to move away or jump over the hurdles you come across your path.

You will be running inside caves, using those power ups and a lot of features. Among many games, Temple Run has gained much popularity as the days as passing. You will have the great gaming experience in smart mobiles. Just imagine Temple Run For Windows Computers. How incredible that imagination is, isn’t it?

Now, that is no more imagination. You can download Temple Run For PC/Laptop easily. You can install Temple Run For Windows 10/8.1. There is no desktop version of Temple Run available yet, but you can download and install Temple Run For PC/Laptop and Install Temple Run For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 using a software and Android Emulator called BlueStacks.

Download and Install Temple Run on Windows Laptop/PC

As previously told, there is no desktop version of Temple Run is available yet, but you can follow these steps to download and install Temple Run For Windows Laptop.

  • STEP 1: First, you need to download BlueStacks. Just wait for some time till it completes the download. Time for download is based on the speed of your internet.
  • STEP 2: Then, double click on the ‘.exe.’ File and click “Yes” when asked for the confirmation. It creates the shortcut on the desktop after installing the BlueStacks on the desktop.
  • STEP 3: Open the BlueStacks using the created shortcut, and it shows Top Apps and Other Apps. On the left side, you can see the orange colored Search button.

search temple run in bluestacks

STEP 4: Click on the “Search” button, and now you can search for the Android App you want. Type “Temple Run” in the search space provided and hit enter.

temple run for windows pc laptop

STEP 5: Now, if there is Temple Run available in the Apps section, it shows it right there. If it is not available in the Apps Section, it shows “Search Play for Temple Run” and click on it.

STEP 6: It navigates you to the Google Play Store. If asked for a login, you can use your Google login credentials to log in. Click on the Temple Run game and then click on “Install” to install Temple Run on PC.

install temple run for windows 10

STEP 7: Once it is installed, you can see Temple Run in the Apps Section. Hurray! We have installed Temple Run For Windows 10/8.1/8/7. Now, you can enjoy Temple Run on a desktop and have fun!

Download and Install Temple Run for iOS Devices

Temple is not only restricted for Android and Windows mobile. You can also get Temple Run For iOS devices like iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and other iOS devices. You can download and install Temple Run For iOS devices from iTunes for free of cost. So, you can have the great and awesome experience of playing Temple Run for iOS devices.

Some Points and Features of Temple Run For PC

  • You will find good graphics which you have not find in any such running game before.
  • As you keep on running, you will come across some difficult hurdles. You need to jump to get out of some and for some obstacles you need to bend to move beneath them.
  • It is provided with many levels and User Interface is attractive and easy to use.
  • Temple Run game does not present any difficulty for any one. Everyone can play it easily, and you can make a score if played with some patience.
  • You are given three lives for every game, and you should get the most out of it.
  • You can unlock next levels when you cross the current levels with some points.
  • Make the best use of the collected coins and power ups to unlock next levels.
  • Temple Run provides you the excellent feature of playing with the world players. You can connect with global players and can have competition with them. Use all your gaming skills to defeat them with your collected points and power ups.
  • You should run as long as you can, and there are various running tracks available.
  • With the popularity Temple Run has gained, developers released Temple Run the enhanced version of the first game, which also gained much popularity.

As discussed playing Temple Run on Windows Computers, you can have the excellent gaming experience. These are the steps to be followed to Install Temple Run For Windows OS easily. Have you played Temple Run for the desktop? Please, do share your experiences with us through comments.

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