Download WhatsApp For PC/Laptop & WhatsApp On Windows 7/8/10

WhatsApp Download For PC: WhatsApp is one of the best applications to chat with our friends. WhatsApp becomes very popular these days because it offers many features like sending free SMS, sending and receiving videos from our buddies.

We can share our real-time location with our friends. WhatsApp supports lots of smileys and moreover, it is available to all Mobile platforms like Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry, and iOS.  Recently, Facebook bought WhatsApp application for 19 million dollars.

download whatsapp for pc
Even though WhatsApp supports various mobile platforms, WhatsApp is still not available for Windows PC or MAC Computers. We don’t have any official applications to download WhatsApp on PC/laptop. There is a simple method to download WhatsApp for Windows 7 or Windows 8/10 PCs.

In this article, I will show you two different ways to use WhatsApp on Personal Computer. The first method is using bluestacks Android Emulator and the second one is using YouWave Emulator. Both have their pros and cons.

I recommend you to use WhatsApp using the first method. Scroll down to the bottom to see how to use WhatsApp on PC without bluestacks App Player(Second Method). Both approaches support 32-bit Computers and 64-bit Computers.

Download WhatsApp For PC

Requirements To Use WhatsApp for Windows Laptop/PC For Free using bluestacks

  • To install WhatsApp, you should have at least 1GB of RAM, but 2GB or higher is recommended.
  • You must have the high-speed Internet connection to download and install WhatsApp in our PC/laptop. ( At least 256 Kbps)
  • Dual-core processor ( at least 1.6 GHz). I am not sure about this.
  • If your system has all these specifications, then your Windows PC is ready to install WhatsApp. It will take 10-20 minutes to use WhatsApp on PC ( Windows 8 32 bit/64 bit Windows 10 laptop). Follow the below simple steps to install WhatsApp successfully on Laptop.
I highly recommend you to watch the below video completely to install WhatsApp without any errors.

Steps to Install WhatsApp On Windows Laptops & PCs

First, you have to download one software (which is called as Bluestacks app player) to use WhatsApp. This software is available for free. You can download the software from below link. It is just 9 MB software. It just takes 2-3 minutes depending upon your network speed. If you want to successfully download WhatsApp on Windows Personal Computer, then you must watch the below Video, which shows the best method to download WhatsApp for PC.

Download Bluestacks For PC

  • After the completion of the download,  launch the software and install it like all other Windows software.

Bluestacks software needs an Internet connection to install completely in your laptop. It is a runtime file so you should have the high-speed internet connection to install BlueStacks. It will take a little while to install BlueStacks on your PC. After installing BlueStacks on your laptop, you can see a shortcut of that software on your desktop, or you can find it in Windows search. If you get any errors while installing. Contact us we are ready to help you.

  • Open the BlueStacks software after installing it on your Windows 10 or Windows 8/7 computer. If you had installed BlueStacks successfully (correctly), you would get a window like in below image.

Click on the time @ right bottom >> you will see like below

Update (November-6th)…Carefully Read this: In the latest version of bluestacks, they have removed the time from the bottom of the windows screen. Instead of the bottom, they’ve placed the time at the top right corner in small fonts.

Click on that time and drag it down there you can see the setting and click setting. Check out the images carefully. Don’t forget to help us back by just sharing it on social media.

After clicking on settings, you will see the menu which contains options like Cloud Connect, language change, change keyboard these settings will be helpful later to change and manage your accounts.

Search For WhatsApp in Bluestacks

In the main screen of BlueStacks you can see a search in orange color click on that one and find WhatsApp and you will get a suggestion like a search play store for some app name(check out the image below) click on that one and install an application. It will ask you to log in to your Gmail account just log in correctly and install WhatsApp.

Click on the symbol like in this image

[Error Fix] Market not found. Search web for installation receipt:

If you get an error message like above, then you must follow one more step to install WhatsApp on your laptop. All you have to do is just click the on this WhatsApp apk download link. It’s the official latest WhatsApp file. After completion of WhatsApp download, just double click on that. That’s it. Now you can see WhatsApp in Bluestacks App Player.

Important step: Sync Bluestacks With Your Android Phone (Update: Not Necessary Now Skip this)

Now go to your mobile and install BlueStacks Cloud Connect application from play store. After installing it open it now it will ask you for a pin to get the pin number go to settings as I said above. In settings click on cloud connect there you will get your registration key(you have to enter your mobile number and Email id for that).

Now go to your mobile and enter the pin. This is a little tricky part be careful while doing this. This is almost over now. Click on sync in your mobile BlueStacks App. You can skip this step while installing WhatsApp for Windows 8.

Final Steps to Use WhatsApp For Windows 8/8.1/7

Open WhatsApp in BlueStacks and enter your mobile number you will receive a message enter the code. If you don’t have the option to enter code wait for 5 min, then you will get an option to Verify with Voice call using the voice call method.

  • Update(2-2-2015): WhatsApp Released official Web version to use on PC. Use this Method Only (This is easiest and 100% error free): WhatsApp Web Version for PC.

Update(22/1/2015) : Download WhatsApp Web Version on PC/Laptop Available now. You can use any method.

Now, I will show you how to download WhatsApp on your PC/Laptop using Youwave Android emulator. Simply follow the below steps in minutes you can use WhatsApp on Your PC. This is the second method. If you get any problems while installing Bluestacks, use this method. Use WhatsApp on a personal computer without using bluestacks.

Method 2: WhatsApp For Windows 10/8/7 PC

  1. First, go to Youwave Android Emulator official website and download the software using below link.

Download Youwave Here

  • If the above link is not working, then try this  >>  Latest working version Download Youwave.
  • Download Youwave software for free from the above URL.
  • After completion of your download, install the software and head over below procedure.

If you successfully install Youwave software open it; then, you will see a screen like below.

Starting screen of Youwave Android Emulator

  • Click on view button which is located at the left side top. You will see a drop-down menu there click on online content.
  • After clicking on online content, you will get options like the below image there as you can expect to click on WhatsApp. Now you freely download WhatsApp for PC.

Install Whatsapp on computer

  • Once clicking on WhatsApp wait for few seconds after that WhatsApp will be installed on your computer.

Activate WhatsApp in Your Windows 7 or Windows 8/10 PC

Now, Go to home screen click on a right top corner as you can see in the first image. That is menu button after pressing that one you will see all installed applications. There you can find WhatsApp.

>> Open WhatsApp and enter your country code or just select your country and enter your phone number.

After entering phone wait for 5 minutes for auto-verification. After 5 minutes you will get an option to get the code via the call like in an image below. Click on call me and listen to the system and enter the verification code there.

Hold on… don’t go away: Check out below paragraph to know “how to add contacts in WhatsApp for PC.”

Adding Contacts in WhatsApp For PC (Updated on Nov 8th-2014)

Many people who are successfully installed WhatsApp, they are asking me that how can I add contacts in WhatsApp. So here is the simple way to add new contacts and friends in your WhatsApp (in Windows laptop or PC). First of all, open your WhatsApp in YouWave Software. Later Click on the Menu icon(horizontal line in top right side). Now follow the images.

  • That’s it, friends. Now you can see your newly added friend in the contacts list.

This is the easiest way to download WhatsApp for PC free. I hope you like the simple tutorial. If you want to install WhatsApp on Windows mobile, you can download WhatsApp for windows phone here. That’s it, friends. I hope you like this easy tutorial. If you liked it share it on Facebook or Twitter or Google+. Download WhatsApp for PC video.

WhatsApp Messenger Developers introduced Web Version of WhatsApp. You can use WhatsApp Web version Using Google Chrome.

Currently, we have a lot of methods to install WhatsApp on PC when we compared to a year back. I was frustrated when I started using this WhatsApp in my Personal computer in the beginning days because it used to stick a lot. It feels so sad when it stops working while you are chatting with someone. The time has changed and so the technologies thanks to the YouWave and WhatsApp web team because the made this possible.

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        • can any one please send me link to download whats app directlyfor pc … reply as soon as possible.. 🙂

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  • hey ….good going..keep it up buddy……congrats!!!

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  • how can i add my profile pic
    pls what can i do if my whatsapp crashed and does not work.can i still use the same phone no to get another whatsapp. can I change to new phone no in my whatsapp

  • please i find it difficult to download whatsapp in my laptop. I was told that it is not possible to use whatsapp in laptop.
    thanks for your help.

    • nice social network

    • i need help with the same thing too, can you help?

  • good

  • i cant download whatsapp for my laptop windows 8…suggest me solutions pliz

  • it’s very hard to get this app, what can i do?

  • it wont download whatsapp. i tried bluestacks and it says there is an error.cant dowload

  • Hi Srinu,

    I have tried your method and it is working very well for me 🙂


  • hi ,could i install whatsapp on laptop without bluestack? as kind as viber, line or telegram
    please answer me

  • i download blue stacks but its hanging now what i can do?

  • it is great for every one . thanku for you

  • nice social network

  • Awesome

  • I want to use whats app on my laptop windows 7. Can I?

  • HI all. For any problem exist one simple solution. In this case, USE A SmartPhone.

  • This is something great invention, will this really work out with PC?

  • Hi Srinu,

    Thanks for the update. It really helped me a lot !!!