Download Windows 10 For Free, the Latest Wonder of Microsoft ?

There have been loads of hiccups about Windows 10. The main question that has hit the market most was how to download Windows 10 and what new has it offered! Well, today to begin with let us know some key specifications of Microsoft’s new wonder, and best way to download Windows 10. Has not it been long, that the techies out there had been complaining on the installation part of Windows? Microsoft now, has taken it rather seriously and is now going to put an end to it. Check it yourselves. It’s a boom-boom stroke from Microsoft’s baggage:

  1. Windows 10 comes for free!!
  2. Xbox streaming is right at hand.
  3. Cortana integration making a buzz out loud.
  4. Holographic plans are yet another bull’s eye!

Windows 10

The hardest and smoothest was the free Build 9926, Windows 10 Technical Preview, the masterpiece from Satya Nadella. Having a run at Windows Update from Windows 7 and Windows 8, users will be able to download the Technical Preview of Windows 10. This here is a shoot, which Microsoft never opted before.

Download Technical Preview of Windows 10

  1. Click here and go to Microsoft’s Technical Review page.
  2. Have a look at the ‘system requirements’.
  3. Click on ‘Start Upgrade Now’.
  4. Run the downloaded file.
  5. Restart the Computer.
  6. Accept the ‘Upgrade to Windows 10’ option.

The method here is as easy as an apple-pie. To download Windows 10 on PC, users visit Technical Preview Page of Microsoft’s and do a little click on ‘start upgrade now’ button. A small file will get downloaded. Users then have to run the file on their Windows 7 or 8 OS and will be asked to restart the PC. After the first boot there lies the option of ‘Upgrade to Windows 10’. Have a click, and there it is!! An all-time relaxation from the itching headaches of burning DVDs and torturing mind with bios boot order settings!!

Windows 10 upgrade

Keeping in mind, how Microsoft has promised Windows 10 to be free for its debut year, the company with its utmost brilliance have already surpassed the most encountered obstacle, throw and through.

It’s no secret that Windows 7 served it all. Yes to kill this completely beautified Frankenstein Microsoft may have offered the free and headache free skims with Windows 10. May this move not pay off worldwide, along with the fear of the trajectories people encounter while downloading and installing, but to be truthful Microsoft has shortened it down similar to a simplified security update. Software incompatibilities and processor response is also been taken care of, as Windows 10 is as responsive as Windows 7 only. People who do not like change at all will also be there, not to mention they cannot be convinced to upgrade in spite of what so ever brilliance Microsoft brings around.

More talks about Windows 10 download

Statistics is also setting Microsoft for the biggest boom ever, as over 3 million Windows 10 Technical Preview users are already creating the buzz loud enough. To add more to wonder, wider adoption to Windows 10 can come up with even more rush. The company has thumbed up on confirming all Technical Previews of Windows 10 will automatically upgrade to the full version, yes without any kind of loss of data.

Buckle up brothers and sisters, techies and net-savvies, its Microsoft hailing again! Download free Technical Preview of Windows 10, from here only!!