eScan Antivirus Download for Windows 10 32/64 bit

The very first thing that people should do after installing a new operating system such as Windows 10 on their machine (PC or laptop) is to install a reliable and efficient antivirus. It doesn’t matter at all if this is being done on a laptop or a PC unless it’s done; yes, installing an antivirus is critical on your computer. Before going to download eScan, have a look at the Best Free Anti Virus For Windows 10.

This helps you protect a lot of your data and vital security information, which if leaked can cause a lot of troubles. This can lead to the happening of so many undesired events that may make you regret about not installing an antivirus.

Escan windows 10

So here, in this article, we will talk about an antivirus application that performs this job exceedingly well. Yes, we will be talking about eScan antivirus for your Windows 10 PC or laptop running on 32/64 bit platform. As we move further in this article, you will grasp a better idea on why we should install this antivirus on your PC or laptop running on Windows 10.

eScan Antivirus Download for Windows 10

Among the different antiviruses, eScan is preferred by not a few, but many. eScan does the job of protecting the computer from many threats such as viruses, Trojans, and malware. It also protects users from online frauds which are also known as Phishing. This antivirus also does a brilliant job of protecting the computer from offline threats. For Windows 10 desktop and laptops, eScan antivirus is greatly recommended.

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eScan antivirus does a great job of keeping its users safe from the various threats. Another great thing about this antivirus which should be talked about is that it uses very fewer CPU resources, so it runs smoothly and allows other applications to run smoothly while it is running in the background. This antivirus doesn’t use the default firewall on Windows 10. It has its firewall that does a great job. eScan antivirus also scans the mails that are coming in your inbox, which makes sure that no spam mails or junk files take any space on your laptop or desktop. It scans outgoing emails too.

Not only does eScan scans incoming and outgoing emails, but also attachments. Yes, attachments can carry harmful contents, and if not scanned, your system may run into real danger. It also has the capability of blocking certain file extensions, which is a great boon, indeed.

The smart scanning feature of this antivirus consumes very less memory, thus increasing the performance of your computer manifolds. This is a great feature that users will only appreciate after choosing this antivirus.

Another reason this antivirus is trending well is that it scans spyware and malware well, two of these things can prove to be of great damage. It should be noted that the installation of this application is easy, and the user-interface is simple enough for you to grasp it easily.

Updating this antivirus is not a concern as it is an automatic procedure. You can also make it a manual process if you want to save your data. After installation, it is highly advisable to perform a full system scan before proceeding with other tasks.

As we said before, eScan antivirus works well in the background without taking much of the resources. The gaming mode allows you to play games here without any interruption, which indeed is a great feature for gamers.

Here are some of the important features of eScan Antivirus

  • eScan Antivirus scans outgoing and incoming emails.
  • Ability to block certain file attachments.
  • User friendly; you do not need any manuals for its operation.
  • Very easy to switch modes for enhanced protection.
  • eScan Antivirus can run in the background; takes very less
  • Gives you the feature to create a utility disk.

So these were some of the great features of eScan Antivirus for your Windows 10 32/64 bit desktop or laptop. If you feel that there’s something that we can add here, feel free to mention in the comments section. All of your advises and suggestions are welcome here.

We are always listening, so if you have any tips that can improve this blog, do mention it to us, and we will try to implement that. If you have any questions regarding eScan antivirus for Windows 10, mention that too. Thank you for reading this article.