Today(3-5-2014) I am very happy to announce that I am starting a  Free WordPress Blog Setup service. If you want to create SEO OPTIMIZED WORDPRESS BLOG then you must think about me. Let me tell you simply who I am and how I am gonna create a killer SEO optimized site for you.

When I first installed my WordPress blog I don’t know much about WordPress. After installing WordPress blog, I understood one thing that is, It’s not gonna be easy to get all the things correctly. I don’t know any one in this field to learn much about this so, I decided to test everything on my own. I tried many things, I did many mistakes and I learned a lot from my mistakes. So, now I want to help you people who wants to start WordPress blog for free. If you don’t know much about servers, WordPress and all then please don’t sink your website at the beginning itself.

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So, I suggest you not to take any risks just read this for few minutes and you will see your WordPress blog live in few Hours (Use our free WordPress Blog setup Service).

If you are planning to create a WordPress blog whether it is a personal blog or professional website then you must be hearing lot of new words like CPanel, FTP  and lot more technical things. It is always difficult (time taking process) to know all this new things.

If you do a single mistake then all things will be messed up, at end of the day you will be feeling like Ohhhh GOD why did this happen to me and you will definitely loose confidence on you. This is not a perfect start to launch your website. So, I hope you won’t do it yourself. Take my help and get some knowledge from me and see your website in next few hours.

How I will Help You To Setup A New WordPress Blog ?

I will install your WordPress blog on your hosting without taking single penny from you. I will take care of everything from SEO to PLUGINS.

All you have to do is – To Install a WordPress Blog you need hosting( server space to keep our files online) as you know, you have to buy that hosting from my Affiliate link (Below Links are my affiliate links). You will get cheap price also using my affiliate links.

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What You Will Get In This Free WordPress Blog Setup Service ?

  • I will Install your WordPress Blog Without any problems
  • I’ll take care of All Important Settings
  • I will Install the best and all useful Plugins
  • I will take care of your WordPress blog Security issues ( I will also teach you how to keep your blog safe from h@ckers)
  • I Will take care of your blog SEO with best plugins ( I will tell you how to use SEO plugins Properly)
  • Highly SEO optimized Blog
  • Sitemap Submission To Google
  • Setting up SEO friendly permalink
  • More Importantly you will get my support as a Friend

Am I Really Doing This For Free?

My answer is No and Yes. I will not charge a single penny to you but I will get a little Commission when you go for a hosting package from my above links.It’s free for you and I will get my commissions from hosting company. It’s win-win situation for both of us.

In order to get my free blog setup service you must click on my Affiliate Links( Links provided above) before buying the hosting. If you have any doubts contact me before buying the hosting.

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Simply If you want a WordPress blog with proper installation, just click on above links and go ahead to buy any hosting then you will get one free domain with hosting. Contact me before or after buying the hosting package for any doubts.