Best Video Games For Windows 10 PC/Laptop

Most of us are fond of playing games. It may be of any genre and we have fun while playing them. Due to fast growth of technology, now everything is in our hands and can be triggered with just few clicks. Initially, we used to play games in desktop and that was a great achievement for us. But, now we play games laptop and also in every smart device we have like mobile, tablet, play station and more. Moreover, number of people showing interest towards playing games also increased in a good way when compared with few years back.

Some games will be very innovative and we need to put use our thinking ability a lot to move from one level to another. Some games use high graphics which draws your attention and makes you to play. So, every feature has it’s own feature and important. So, with all these inputs, this article would like to help the game lovers in the way we can. We provide you the list of best and top 10 games ever which can be played in a Laptop. These games would give you good gaming experience. So, let’s start looking in to 10 best laptop games.

Best Video Games For Windows 10 laptop/PC

Call Of Duty: Ghosts:

This game is developed by Infinity Ward and is the first military first-person shooter game. Story line runs through destruction of Middle East through nuclear power along with the aim of rising countries of South America which mainly produces oil as the world dominant countries. There by, it leads to a war and it gives you a good gaming experience with good background music. You will enjoy the sounds of bomb blasts, firing and more for sure. It’s features include,

  • Players will automatically lean towards corners and walls.
  • It has introduced Diving which allows player to slide over the floors.
  • In the mid of the game, you will experience floods and earthquakes.
  • Players are allowed to create their own customizable character for both male and female.

Battle Field 4:  Everyone Play BF4 Game in your Windows Laptop

Battlefield 4 Windows Game

Battle Field 4 is also a first-person shooter game. It is developed by DICE and Electronic Arts published it. There would be a war going on in between China and Russia. Then, US Military enters China and are tasked to stop the war. This can be played in multiplayer and you can unlock many weapons as you keep crossing stages. It’s features include,

  • More availability of maps like Dwanbreaker, Flood Zone, Golmud Railway, Hainan Resort and more.
  • Various game modes like Rush, Conquest, Team Death match and more. Every game mode has it’s own features again and limitations.
  • Updated it’s gadgets and capabilities in all 4 classes like Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon. Now, you can get more advanced gadgets from these classes.
  • It retained it’s commander mode but with some enhancements.

 May Payne 3:

MayPayne3 Download

It is the best game among third person shooter games. The hero of the game, Payne wants to start a new life and move to Brazil. He starts his career as a Bodyguard for a wealthy family. One day, his employer’s wife gets kidnapped and Payne tries the best with all his efforts to get her back. This gives you the good experience of adventuring along with action. It’s features include,

  • Slow motion action scenes.
  • Lot of weapons needed to create destruction.
  • More stunts can be made by the player during any action scene.
  • Well played background music and also well produced sound by the bomb blasts
  • Availability of sniper which saves us most of the time in the game.
  • More tactics can be applied to the weapon you use.

Arma III:

Arma III Laptop Game

Arma III deals with two islands by name Altis and Stratis. It can be played as a single player and multi player. While using single player mode, story moves around the operative head of British Special Forces by name Scott Miller. It is the war between NATO and CSAT and NATO will fail in it’s initial attempts. Now, the player along with the team, need to go on various mission in order to survive. These missions will give you a great experience of action and adventure. It’s features include,

  • Accurate Simulation will be provides by weapons and vehicles.
  • Player is allowed to change the weapon kit and how the soldier should look like.
  • Lot of improved animations.
  • It used real geographical area and supports multiplayer.
  • You are even provided a way to edit the mission.

 Home Front:

Home Front game for pc

It is the first-person shooter game. It deals with the story of saving United States from North Korean Military troop. Story starts with North Korean military entering the United States and you are supposed to fight against them. You should feel like a freedom fighter and should fight against the occupation. It makes use of the near future weapon Goliath rocket laucher. Home Front features include,

  • It supports both single and multiplayer.
  • Lots of weapons like ACR Assault Rifle, M200 Sniper Rifle, M249 Light Machine Gun and more are available.
  • Introduces Goliath Rocket Launcher.
  • Available with various classes like Assault, Stealth, SMG and more.
  • Music produced is unique as electronic elements mixes with orchestra.

Titan fall:

Titanfall for Windows 10

Titan fill is the sci-fi multiplayer game. It surround around the war between Interstellar Mining Corporation and Militia. It is developed by Respawn and Electronic Arts published it. You will be gaining points for every objective you complete. Players in this game are known as Pilots and will be provided with the kit which allows them to climb on walls and to do double jumps. Titan fall features include,

  • It provides you the nine different missions.
  • It is available in single and multiplayer modes.
  • Available game modes are Attrition, Hard point Domination, Capture the Flag, Pilot Hunter and more.
  • More advance weapons with extended Magazine like R-101C Carbine, EVA-8 Shotgun, R-97 Compact SMG and more.
  • Most powerful weapon includes rocket launcher.

 Combat Arms:

Combat Arms PC games

It is developed by the Nexon, the Korean Developer. In this players are supposed to host and participate in battle. In this battle of facing each other, players earn points for each battle they win. You even earn GP, which helps you to upgrade your soldier in terms of look and assign him new upgraded weapons. Combat Arms features include,

  • Game modes like Elimination, One Man Army, Search and Destroy, Capture the Flag and Snowball Fight are available.
  • Various maps like are Warhead, Pump Jack, Gray Hammer and more are provided to guide you to complete levels.
  • Points you gained are useful to increase your rank and upgrade the soldier with advanced weapons.
  • Lot of primary weapons like M-16A3, AK-47, M4A1 and more are available.

 Counter Strike – Global Offensive: Best Multi Player Game for Windows 10/8/8.1 PC/Laptops

Counter Strike multiplayer for pc download

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the modern player shooting game. It is developed by Valve and it has come with latest game modes and maps. It also upgraded it’s weapons. It can be played in both single player and multiplayer mode. Graphics are really good and is one of the most popular games ever played. This game is available for all Windows versions but it has to be tested in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 laptops. It’s features include,

  • Original Maps got updated.
  • Advanced game modes like Silver I, Silver II, Gold Noval, Gold Nova II, Legendary Eagle and more are available.
  • Weapons like Glock-18, P2000 and P250 are provided.
  • It also gives you the various kits like Kevlar Vest, Defuse Kit, Rescue Kit, C4 Explosive and more.

 Crysis 3:

Crysis 3 games for laptop

Crysis 3 is developed by Crytek and published by Electronic Arts. It is the sequel of Crysis 2 which got released many years ago. This is back with advanced features in maps, game modes and sounds. It attracts every game lover and made a new trend in sequel of games. This game is one of my favorite. I really enjoy playing this game. I installed this game in my dell Laptop. This is must have game for Windows 8.1/10/8 PC users. Crysis 3 game features include,

  • It supports Multiplayer will all latest enhancements.
  • It provides you the Skyline Maps.
  • It gives you options to complete in-game challenges.
  • You can tag up to maximum 25 enemies and keep track of them throughout the game.
  • You are provided with latest weapons.
  • You are allowed to upgrade the perks just before the game ends.


Bulletstorm is developed by People Can Fly and Electronic Arts published it. It is the number one game in First-Person shooting games. It allows players to creatively use their weapons. If you kill the opposition team member, you are allotted some points. But, more bonus points will be given, if you use some Skill shots. Bulletstorm highlights,

  • You are provided with vast weaponry.
  • Maps for Echoes, Anarchy are updated to latest versions.
  • You are awarded Achievements and Trophies for every level you cross and for the way you perform in each level.
  • Weapons like Energy Leash, Thumper, Minigun and more are provided and can be accessed in any number.
  • Points earned through Skill shots are used to upgrade the soldier in the way you want.

All above mentioned games are mostly works with all major Versions of Windows 8/8.1/, Windows 10/7. You can use 32 bit or 64 bit Windows OS. So, these are the list of 10 best games that can be played in Laptop. Have a great gaming experience by playing them right now and do not forget to share your experiences as well!

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