Steps to Hide Files & Folders in Windows 10/8.1

This simple tutorial is for windows beginners.Some times we need to protect our files from others, especially personal photos videos and documents.If you are using a computer in a home or in college you should know this easy trick to secure all files from others.In this tutorial, I will show you how to hide files in Windows 8.1,8 and in Windows 7 easily in less than 20 seconds.The procedure is same for all Windows operating systems.If you feel any difficulties post your comments.

Hide Files or Folders in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Laptops

  1. Open any Folder on your Window 10 Laptop or Desktop.
  2. Right click on it, then selects properties in options.(Shortcut: Select a folder and click on alt+Enter).
  3. Then you will see an option Hidden like in the below picture.
  4. Click on Hidden then click on Apply.
  5. Refresh now. Surely you will not see your folder.
Hide folder in Windows 8.1
Select hidden option

View Hidden Files/Folders in Windows 10

  • To see hidden files in Your Windows 10 PCs, Open the folder in which you want to see hidden files.
  • In that folder go Options. View Options and then click on Show Hidden Files.

unhide files windows 10

Check out this video for more understanding.Hide files and folders in Windows.

Why Should we hide?

These days whenever someone takes our Laptop then they will start searching all folders. Even if they don’t want to search intentionally while doing their work they might end up finding your private Pictures or Videos. It’s wise to hide the data always from a stranger or even from your Kids or colleagues and Friends. Don’t keep your private data openly. You may end up in a bad situation.

So, I always recommend you to keep your confidential data hidden.  It may be your images or Your spouse pics or it may be a highly confidential office work related excel sheet.  You can’t take chances with your data in this generation. This article was first written on October 2013. We have edited this recently.



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