Create WiFi Hotspot With Connectify Hotspot Pro

In the present generation, most of the people are having the smartphone, PC, tablet in our home. We all need the Internet for all these devices. Everyone will be having Internet connection for sure but few them only have routers with them at home.
If we want to use internet on all devices then we must have to take another data plan.  That will increase unnecessary cost. To cut these extra expenses we can have a single data connection to PC and then use that PC to create a hotspot.

Guide to Make WiFi Hotspot Windows 10 or Windows 8.1/8 PC/Laptop

If you want to use your PC internet connection to all of your tablets and smart phones n by creating a WiFi hotspot in Windows 8.1 or Windows 8/7 PC then the best solution to make WiFi network in your home is the below method.

If you are Using Windows 8.1 you can find a more easy way than this. Links are given below.

It is very very easy to create a WiFi hotspot in windows 7,8 PC.There are only few software available for this but today I am going to tell you about the best software.I will tell you how to create WiFi network using the best software.

WiFi Hotspot windows 7
If you are ready to create WiFi hotspot network in your Windows 7 PC then follow the below instructions.

How to create WiFi hotspot in windows 8/8.1, Windows 7/XP using Cconnectify

Download the latest version of Connectify Hotspot from this link. Remember this software is not free but I am giving a link to the full version.The official site will give you 2 day trail version only.

  1. Install the software in your PC. (if you have any problems in installation post your problems in comments)
  2. Restart your PC after installing the software.
  3. After installing open the software from installed applications then you will see a image like below.
  4. Then enter your WiFi name, password click on start.
  5. That’s it your are done.
  6. If you want to use full features of Connectify – hotspot you have to buy full version and support the developers.
  7. you can see who are using your WiFi in clients tab that is marked in red color. Create WiFi Hotspot Windows8.1

Features of Connectify Hotspot Pro for Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 Computer

  • you can share your internet connection with full speed within the range of WiFi network.
  • You can protect your WiFi with password.
  • You can share your files also easily.
  • Play multiple player games between any number of computers
  • Price-$25
  • Rating-4.7/5
  • Rating given by 5722 users-(rating taken from the web)

Don’t for get these steps

  • Make sure that you turned on your WiFi adapter
  • Must restart your computer
To secure your computer from viruses : Best free Anti Virus for windows 8.  I hope this tutorial helped you to create wifi hotspot in windows 7. If you think this article helped you like this one.

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