McAfee Antivirus for Windows 10 32/64 Bit Free Download

Well, most of us use antiviruses now, needless to say. I remember a friend of mine who bought a new computer with Windows 10 and boasted that he does not need anything like an antivirus. Days later, he had to take his PC to the mechanic to reinstall the operating system.
McAfee Windows 10

His computer had been heavily affected by viruses and malware; ah, what a pity! Now my friend learnt a lesson, and hopefully he will never commit that folly again, ever again. Yes, antivirus is very important for our computers. And the antivirus I am going to talk about now has already won millions of hearts – it is the McAfee Antivirus which you can download for free, both for 32 and 64-bit machines.

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People need antiviruses because their computers often get connected to other computers as well as to the internet. Lots of data, files, and everything is transferred; and it would not be a surprise if among these files, a Trojan (type of computer virus that spreads really fast) sneaks in, or you happen to download adware, all of which can turn out to be a messy business to deal with later, later when you realise that you have already lost enough and it gets harder and more expensive to recover your lost computer.

So if you use the internet or just have a computer, you need to have an antivirus too-it is a must. Now our McAfee Antivirus does this brilliant job of all round protection of our machines from viruses, spams, malware, adware, Trojans, and all those unwanted files that our computers would not love.

McAfee Antivirus for Windows 10 also comes with additional features such as the firewall system that just knows precisely what applications can be harmful to your computer. It can also shred the files, much beyond a possible recovery, and do a lot of other things that an ideal antivirus software should do. It also automatically updates itself in the background saving you time and trouble of manually doing it, however, you can disable it too.

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McAfee For Windows 10 Free Download

One other great feature about this antivirus that I would like to discuss here is the feature scanning files on instant messaging services such as Skype. This ensures that all of your conversations are safe and secure. It also has a great feature of manually scanning drives, if you want not to perform a full system scan.

McAfee is a part of Intel security so you don’t have to worry about its latest developments, as we all know that Intel rarely disappoints people. It does not have any bloatware that slow up your computer. It also integrates really well with your computer’s inbox to stop spam and junk thinks- a nice example of filtering is set by this.

The clean and simple interface allows you to easily find your way around the application and manage it effectively and efficiently without any trouble, and if you have any trouble, the support team is always there to help you.

Important features of McAfee Antivirus for Windows 10 32/64 Bit

  • McAfee has its own particular Firewall which gives you more progressed components.
  • It has two layered insurance.
  • You can scan output email connections and connections sent in IM.
  • Performs full system scan or particular envelopes and even can be stopped according to your advantage.

These are just bits of a percentage of the critical focuses and components of McAfee Antivirus which is ideal for Windows 10. In the event that you have anything to include, kindly mention that to us in the comments section. We are always open for improvement and suggestions. You can also send us queries here, which we will be glad to answer.