New features in Windows 8.1 – Difference between Windows 8 and 8.1

After facing a tough situation with windows eight operating system which is having the lot of problems Microsoft now come up with its new operating system Windows 8.1 which is named as windows blue.

Now windows 8.1 final version is ready to download.You can download the windows 8.1 final version. If you are using the genuine version of windows 8, you will see an upgrade notification in your app store and windows update center.Windows 8 users can upgrade their OS to 8.1 without paying anything.If you are using any other OS other than windows 8 you have to buy the new windows 8.1.

Windows8.1 boot screen logo

Coming to Windows, 8.1 Microsoft fixed a lot of bugs and security problems that are irritating windows 8 users.You can see  these all new features of windows 8.1 on YouTube.

Let’s see the some of the main features of windows 8.1 that are not present in the windows 8.

  • The first thing you will observe after installing windows blue is the windows symbol icon in the left bottom corner that is not present in windows 8.

Customize your Windows as your wish

One of the important thing that windows mainly focused on windows blue is customizations. In Windows8 customization options are insufficient, so many people are not able to control the total UI of their computer. The look of the start menu is completely changed. In windows 8.1. When you look at the start menu of windows 8 we have only two size of tiles.In windows blue, you will see 4 different sized tiles amazing tiles as you can see in the image.

You can create a different group of tiles with naming conventions like in the above picture.You can change the background of start screen in 8.1.(you can’t do this 8)You can use your desktop background to the background of Windows start screen.You can Sort your apps by frequency of using the apps.

Internet Explorer  11

Windows upgraded their browser from IE 10 to  IE 11.This IE 11 is working very fast.In IE 10 you will see some lagging while you are switching between tabs but  IE 11 it is working quietly nicely.Not only the application speed even it’s browsing speed also increased.In previous versions of IE, the web pages were taking much more time to load than the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.In a case of Internet Explorer 11 as far as I have seen i feel like IE 11 is talking less time or equal time when compared with Mozilla, Chrome load complex webpages that are having much graphics and high quality images.I have personally used it and it is really impressive.And some other UI changes also made in IE 11.

New updated Windows App store

And finally windows updated their App store.You will face few problems while using windows 8 App store in this update they fixed everything.The look and performance of the App store them completely.Most of the people will love this new look of windows blue App store.It is working 10 times better than the previous App store.Microsoft has updated their in built apps like Mail, People Apps, and Messaging App is completely removed, and it is replaced by Skype App.The updated apps have new features.In previous version of Mail App you can’t you see accounts in that mail app but now use you use many accounts simultaneously in mail.Just right click on top and select open a new window.

Integration of Skydrive

Microsoft integrated Skydrive completely with windows 8.1 data will be synced to Skydrive automatically so you can keep your data safe all the time even if your hard disk fails but this may increase you data charges if you don’t have unlimited plans.If you don’t want to sync your data simply, you can disable this feature.

Improved multitasking performance

In windows, blue use can use one or more applications at a time.Your PC will perform better than any ancestors of windows while you are doing multi tasking.Performance levels also increased in Windows blue.Windows 8.1 is working a bit faster than windows 8.


One of the major problems of windows 8.1 is Wireless and Bluetooth problems.As everyone knows it is difficult to create Ad-hoc or WiFi hotspot in windows.When it comes to windows blue everything is working fine now.Creating of Ad-hoc network was removed in windows 8 that is present in windows 7.Now in windows blue you can create WiFi hotspot easily no need to use any software’s or can see here how to create WiFi hotspot in windows 8.1.See how to create WiFi hotspot in windows 8.1 in just less than 30 seconds.

UI and Menu of PC Settings

The user interface of the PC settings section is completely changed and they’ve added many new options that will be helpful to windows 8.1 users to change their setting much more quickly.

Few more changes in Windows blue

  • In windows 8 if you search for file name start menu you will see the results in the place start menu, but in windows 8.1 you will get all search results in below the search box as shown in the figure.I think this is good in windows 8.
  • One of the other major thing that you will notice in windows blue is my computer option is removed.Instead of my computer they kept This PC can see this change in the image below.

Other than these new features Microsoft made much more small changes to give a better experience to their users.So what are you waiting for let’s leave your old OS and change to windows 8.1?

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    I really love all these new features in windows8.1.