Norton Antivirus For Windows 10 Free Download (32-bit and 64-bit)

Whenever we install a new operating system, let’s say Windows 10 as it is the latest in the market, what we need to do is install an effective and efficient antivirus. As in our PC or laptop, we do all sort of work.

From working on projects to playing games and entertaining ourselves, our computers are an integral part of our life, well, it can be said like that now, at least. And if things go bad down the way for our computers, we feel bad, awful. And if all of that happens without us knowing anything about it, well, what can be said? We feel miserable.

Norton for Windows 10

Now, this is not a story that I am telling you guys. It happens. Virus and malware do that to your machine. This may happen when we open a website that is unauthorized or downloads a wrong file or installs some malicious software; yes, it occurs in these way. You can also read about best free Antivirus for Windows 10.

However, one cannot say that threats can come only online. It can also come in the form of Trojan from other’s computers through USB drives and harm your computer a lot, stealing valuable data and making it terribly slow. Now to protect our computers from all of these dangerous threats that we just talked about, we need an efficient antivirus. And when we speak of an effective antivirus, Norton Antivirus does the trick. Norton antivirus for Windows 10 (32/64-bit version) does all that an antivirus should do.

Norton antivirus does a magnificent job with scanning- be it full system scan or scanning a specific folder or drive. It identifies all kinds of malware, even the latest ones as it regularly updates itself automatically, which you can disable too. It also provides you with online protection as it stops and warns you from downloading files and applications that may pose a threat to your computer and security.

The user interface is simple enough for you to find your way around easily, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Norton Antivirus for Windows 10 is a one stop for all your protection needs, and it works well both on 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

Another great feature of Norton Antivirus is that it works with five devices. It’s easy to create an online account where you can add your different devices, for enhanced protection. Also, the security can be easily moved from one device to another.

It also supports mobile devices and protects it from theft. If your device is stolen, you can instantly lock it so that others don’t access your data and important files.

Norton Antivirus features on Windows 10 Laptops and Desktops
• An excellent support up to 5 devices.
• With the access to the online account, protection can be moved from one device to another, very quickly.
• Very easy to add and remove new devices.
• Performs full and custom system scan.
• Protects you by warning you and stopping you from visiting a malicious website and installing a suspicious application.
• Can protect mobile devices by erasing data and locking screen.
• Can perform a scheduled scan, which enhances your security; your protection is safe with Norton Antivirus.
It is very advisable to download Norton for Windows 10 PC and laptop. It works equally well both on 32 bit and 64-bit version. If you want your friends to know about this article, please share it; and If you have anything to say or to add, kindly do that from the comments section below. We always love to hear back from you. And remember that we all should be equally protected, so share this article with your friends and the people you care for, now.