Online data entry jobs from home are one of the easy ways to make money online. But the problem we can’t earn much more money. By the end of the month, you can make around $300 -$500 depending up on your working time. For few people, it is a significant amount of money. Coming to data entry, there are many types of data entry jobs. Few of them are Captcha entry online jobs, convert PDF formatted files into documents or excel format files, convert scanned images into files, entering details of customers like addresses, names.

Among all these jobs, captcha entry jobs are increasing day by day, the end these type of data entry can do anybody from home. You need to have an Internet, PayPal and a bank account and time, patience to make online money. If you are new to online jobs these are the two simple and easy ways to make money online

online data entry jobsIf you are newbie and if you want to make money online then 90% of the people will surely search for “Online data entry Jobs in (Country = XXX). Actually there will few websites for only data entry and typing jobs.The best thing to do is you can do data entry jobs in freelancing sites.This is the best choice and secure way to earn money.

If you want make money online in freelancing sites read this complete guide that will be very helpful for you. If you search in Google you can will see lot of results most of them are freelancing sites only. There will be some sites which are offering only data entry jobs and captcha entry jobs if you log in to that sites i am sure you will come to know that this may be fraud because they will ask you to buy their software or they will tell you deposit some money.Please never register in that type of site because I am sure that one day will cheat you & they won’t pay your work.As I said few sites are there to do online data entry jobs from home. I have collected best of them. Anyway you always be careful.

Best sites to do online data entry jobs from home


This is the best if you are looking to do only data entry will get  $1 -$2 for every 1000 image words you have entered.You can believe this site 100%. If you want register in this site you must enter a invitation code as you can see in image.
use this code as invitation: each 4 digits are a separate code

  • 7R7H      7R7I         7R7K      7R7J        7R7L
Megatypers Invitation code

This is also one of the best you can see this type of jobs.they will pay $0.5 to $1 for 1000 captcha entries.You can get your money via payza or PayPal.This site is available in Hindi, Chinese language also.

Still there are many sites but, I suggest these two only because these two sites are highly trusted and they never cheated their customers.

Finally I want to tell you one thing if you want to do online data entry or any online  ways to make money online then search for freelancer sites or online surveys or paid to click sites. I’ve already given Best sites in the world to do this type of online data entry jobs.So finally if you want to make some real money easily and quickly i suggest you to through this article about elance.