Best Pdf Readers For Android Free Download

PDF records are a standout amongst the most mainstream document groups, as they can be opened on for all purposes in any gadget and ensure the originality of substance and designing is not lost. Android gadgets are not outfitted with a default PDF viewer. To see PDF records on your Android telephone or tablet, you should download a PDF reader. You can download a free PDF viewer from the Google Play Store.

best android pdf readers

Free PDF Readers For Android

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a conventional approach to peruse PDF documents. Adobe Reader is not an eBook Reader, but instead, it is the PDF Reader. You can utilize Adobe Reader application to examine eBooks in the PDF design. The proper utilization of Adobe Reader is accessible in the Android Market. It is produced by Adobe Systems, engineered in the Android Market. Adobe Reader requires 2.76MB of memory, along these lines it might be a significant program to introduce on your Android telephones.

Adobe Android

The proper utilization of Adobe Reader is accessible in the Android Market. It is produced by Adobe Systems, engineered in the Android Market. Adobe Reader requires 2.76MB of memory, along these lines it might be a significant program to introduce on your Android telephones.

Download Adobe Reader


EBookDroid is likewise a free eBook reader for Android telephones. What’s more, it is additionally accessible to download in the Android Market. It takes the 1.60MB memory of your android gadget, considerably less than Adobe Reader Android Application. EBookDroid underpins PDF, DjVu, XPS (Open XPS) and comic book (cbz,CBR) formats.

ebookdroid pdf reader

This PDF eBook reader gives a night mode. In this manner, you can read eBooks with white content and deep foundation. This is unquestionably useful for your eyes in the haziness of night. EM DEV produces this Android EBookDroid. It is a decent contrasting option to Adobe Reader, on the off chance that you have a less memory on the internal disk.

Download EbookDroid

ezPDF Reader for Android

This reader is audio and visual aided interactive media PDF Reader, annotator (palm dismissal for Samsung S pen and HTC Scribe pen), and form filler. Instead of reading the article, the audio service would help you hear it without any hindrance.

Download exPDF Reader

AnDoc DJVU and PDF Reader

The most common review we often read about AnDoc is its ease in accessing the files. In addition to the PDF files, DJVU files can also be opened to read. You must download the app if you are one of those who occasionally downloads PDF files from the internet.

This can also be used as an eBook reader, but it is recommendable to go for the app where you can read the eBooks as well. AnDoc has a free download version as well as a paid version is available at $0.99 as an in-app purchase.

Download AnDoc DJVU and PDF Reader

CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner is a PDF scanner. It has been a favorite for many of its users since a long time for its productivity. Though PDF files can be imported here for reading, it is mostly used to scan and turn the physical documents into PDFs.

camscanner phone pdf scanner

The variety of features that it has got helps the user in improving the scanning process that helps in making better documents. One of the highlights of this app is, you can add annotations once after the paper is created, synchronize across the platforms and allow your friends to view the document and comment on them.

The document can also be sent as a fax from the app itself. The considerable cloud space of 10GB with some of the best editing features all in one app which you can by clicking on the below link for $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year.

Download CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator

Fast Scanner

Compared to CamScanner, Fast Scanner isn’t as bulky as the prior, but more simple that can scan the documents on your smartphone and turn them into either JPEG or PDF for better access digitally, directly from the app.

There are both free and paid versions available for the app. Most of the features are already available on the free version, and you can move further on buying the in-app purchases for @2.99, where you get some more extra features.

Download FastScanner

Google Books

Google Books is similar as that of Amazon’s Kindle where you can find many eBooks directly from Google Play Store to read with the help of this app. There is one more feature in the app, i.e., you can upload the PDF and EPUB documents and books to the library.

As the time passes on, these books become part of the library and act like any other book that you purchase on the service. This is a free app, but it costs you to buy the books. Hence Google Books is one of the low-key PDF reader apps.

Download Google Books

Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

Xodo PDF supports many types of documents apart from PDFs. Though this app is available on the store for a while now, it took some time for it to get onto the mainstream apps to gain the popularity. In addition to the PDFs and documents, it supports signatures and annotations that fill out the PDF forms.

This free app is one of the rare PDF reader apps that use Material Design that can be a helpful feature for some people.

Download Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

Google PDF Viewer

Google PDF Viewer is another product from Google to read the PDF files. Like many Google’s products, this one too has access to Google Drive, which includes Docs, Sheets, and Slides and can read PDFs in your Google Drive account.

This app has got all the essential features that any PDF reader tool like, search, selecting the text for copying, and print the elements. You can hide the icon from the app drawer, but there is an option to open the PDF files this app by default. If you are a vivid PDF user, this free app is a must as it syncs with the Google’s products.

Download Google PDF Viewer


MuPDF is a free app that keeps updating regularly, but its last update was seen in the year 2016. This reader is more of a lightweight and is quick with the significant features compared to the other apps. It has the support of PDF encryption, annotations, search, and hyperlinks that can boast the ability to view PDFs with better quality.

Features like supporting XPS and OpenXPS files in an app is a rare thing for an app that is available for free.

Download MuPDF

OfficeSuite and PDF Editor

OfficeSuite and PDF Editor is an office app that can read PDF files. It has got most of the usual office features and can be able to convert any document to PDF virtually and convert any PDF file to document format.

PDF scanner is inbuilt in it, and it can be able to text, sign and add annotations to the PDFs. There are a lot of features that come with the premium version which is quite expensive compared to the most of the other paid apps. In any way, this is a powerful tool if you don’t hesitate in investing some money in it.

Download OfficeSuite and PDF Editor

We end the list by this. If you feel we missed out anything, let us know in the comments section. Also, drop a comment about the PDF Reader you are using.