Best Apps For Rooted Android Phones

Rooted apps are the support system for the phones these days; you get full control over your phone through these applications. Android phones used to have a lot of restrictions, but we have customization option as many rooted applications have improved their functioning by upgrading it.

There are few apps we have for you which are the most used rooted apps. You can also check out the best Music Player Apps for Android.

Top 20+ Rooted Apps for Android Phones

rooted apps android


Are you tired of putting up of your phones to charge all the time? So you don’t need to stress it more ‘GREENIFY’ is one of the fantastic battery saver application. It showcases all the apps in the background which apps in your android phone are consuming how much battery, it will give you an idea of how many apps you should use less, and it has overall customized settings so you can control few apps.


As per the people, it’s a trustworthy app, it doesn’t hack or misuses your phone details. It helps to increase the performance of the android phone and makes the user use smoothly. This app also has a limitation on an Android phone, but it doesn’t restrict anything. Get the App from Play Store.

Download Greenify

Lucky Patcher

Doesn’t this name sounds fabulous and funky, but let me introduce you to this app it is same like it sounds. It gives the authority to remove additional ads and license issues while downloading anything and many tweaks are available.

It also has the different set of APK files so that the android users have no trouble seeing apk files. In the official website, you will get to know that why the lucky patcher has app a different color of the various Android apps, it has a meaning towards which looks eye catchy too.

Titanium Backup

This app surely tells you everything by the way it sounds and this app is mainly used for your backups, you can’t say when you lose your data or what happens to your phone after that. The best part is you can use it even if your phone is not android. It is one of the best rooted apps as it keeps all your files from contacts to the gallery.

titanium backup

It’s easy you can go to your settings and do the changes so that it directly backs up on the app. The apps which you don’t use or you need it once in a blue can be kept in this application as a backup option. They have two version of the same app one is paid, and another is free you can get this app in Google Play, or you can download it from the official site.


Sounds funny but yes it’s the most useful thing after backup, have ever been in a situation where you have deleted something and realized that it was important. Don’t worry friend I know most of the Android phones don’t have to recycle bin.

Go to google play and download this application one of the most useful thing. With the help of this app, you can restore it as many as times. You can also permanently delete after thinking thousand times from the app. Download the Dumpster Now!.


Yes, Android users I know that feeling because we have the most horrible issue of memory card even if we have the latest version of Android. The enormous time we need to delete the files to have enough space and shouldn’t get that popup notification again and again.

This will automatically get rebooted from time to time, so any cached files or ads will get automatically deleted if it ate your half space. Need not take stress on files get deleted automatically it has restrictions it will keep all your files and data safely just the additional data which is of no use will be removed. You can also make necessary and substantial changes it has that facility.


Are you a gamer and have many games lined up and also frustrated android user because you cannot enjoy the games because the overload interrupts your game and the graphics. This app will help you cope up with the rendering happening while playing the game. It is not only for android users but also useful for other devices; now you can enjoy the actual game by how speedy it is. The graphics will be as you have seen in the introduction of the match why worry when GL TOOLS are here.

It is not only for android users but also useful for other devices; now you can enjoy the actual game by how speedy it is. The graphics will be as you have seen in the introduction of the match why worry when GL TOOLS are here.



Are you a camera freak? Do you like clicking pictures? Is your flash not as enthusiastic as you’re then need not worry with Flashify app you can root your flash and make it better. Many times you face issues when you can’t open flash or when you’re flash is acting slowly, and light is not proper. This will unleash it completely free your flash from any disruption. It will easily let your flash be on without making off screen. It’s not only for the camera users but every flash necessity

Wi-Fi tethering

We all have smartphones with Wi-Fi hotspot feature, but we forget that people who still don’t have upgraded phones have issues dealing with it, this app will help that device get Wi-Fi connection and enjoy the accessibility of Wi-Fi hotspot with ease. So those device users you need not worry you can get the data connection without any further issues. This app is safe and available in the google play.

So those device users you need not worry you can get the data connection without any further issues. This app is safe and available in the google play.


If you are a mobile gamer, you must be having a love and hate towards your phone and the battery. The reason is obvious. Battery juice comes down and down as you keep playing the game. setCPU can control the frequency of your android phone.

Using this app, you can have your battery saved since it lowers the frequency and thus increasing the performance of the device. setCPU allows you to overclock and underclock the CPU without any issue.

*Note: You can give it a shot for setCPU, but we do not recommend unless you are experimenting with the app since we have seen a few cases where the mobile need to be rebooted for changing the frequency of the CPU.

Tasker (Paid App)

Tasker is an automated app that does everything for you. Yes, literally anything just with a word or actions. If you want to give a sign for your Android device that you want to play songs for it, with the help of this app, you can do it by just plugging in the headphones into it.

The amount of work it does for you is surplus. The review section of this app has a long list of tasks it does.Coming to the functioning, you can turn it off when you have no work, ie., when you are at home and change it to the silent mode when you are at work etc.

This app works for both rooted and unrooted phones as well.

Download Tasker

Adblock plus

adblock plus android

Have you been fed up because the next moment you open any website you see all the pop-ups bothering around the screen, yes like every other human it gets on our nerves when we have something important to do? Does it make your phone hang all the time because of the additional ad? Adblock plus ad is the one who can ease your frustration.

It blocks all the advertisement from interruption your Android apps. This allows harmless ads and makes it work smoothly. This app is yet to release in google play, but you will get this app on the website.

Better Battery Stats

Who doesn’t want to improve the stats of a battery? Literally, a phone is nothing without a battery, which is why it is important to have a rooted app on your phone to improve its performance. Better Batter Stats give you stats about your battery that includes the amount since the battery is in use, connection to the WiFi as such. This app also analyzes the usage of the battery of the other apps on your device as well.

This helps you in analyzing the usage of your phone and the battery and take precautions.

Device Control

Device Control helps you the most in the phone’s hardware. As the name suggests, Device Control controls what controls the device. Simply said, it controls the GPU of the device. By overclocking it a little bit, the game run and the graphic rendering process can be improved by a lot of standards.

CPU and GPU can be configured with the help of this app.


Quick Reboot

Quick Reboot is simple and swift to use. In the most of the versions of the Android, we all know that the menu in the power option is a weak one where you can sometimes power down or reboot.

Quick Reboot app helps you in fixing this by allowing you to boot into the recovery, and boot to the bootloader. This can take you to the device-specific things like Download Mode for the devices of Samsung or fast-boot on many devices. These reasons make it a must app for every Android phone.

Download Quick Reboot

ROM Toolbox

Having customizing options for ROM can fetch you multiple uses and everyone is aware of it, but it is not easy to install it successfully. This is where ROM Toolbox comes to the rescue. This is where the rooting apps come for help when you want to do something and you are no expert to do it, you can do it with the help of a rooted app. Using this app, you can a lot of things.

This app has a file manager that has a root access, a font installer, a script writer, ROM management and so on to help in rooting the OS. The app claims that it can change the boot animations of the status bar of the icons as well.

If you are considering to install it, let me tell you a point to consider. This app is not updated for the last five years now. Now it is up to you whether to install it or not.

Download ROM Toolbox

System App Remover

Being an Android user, I know how annoying the pre-installed apps are. Few of them can be removed by uninstalling it, but most of them stick to the screen with annoying notifications. System App Remover can be helpful here for you to remove them permanently from your device.

Not only it removes the apps, if you are confused enough, it helps you in recognizing which app is useful and which app is not. In addition to this, System App Remover helps you in moving the apps from Phone memory to SD Card.

Download System App Remover

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is one the best file managers an Android device can have. It can work without a root for most of the tasks. This app can perform usual stuff like copying and pasting, unzip the files, etc. You can store the files in the cloud storage of the app. The design of the app is user-friendly and you can do a lot of stuff that you couldn’t do with the previous apps.

This is the best file manager among the available ones for Android phones with clean design, less cost and most importantly, no advertising.

Download Solid Explorer


SuperSU is the name that is mostly heard along with root apps. This is because of the root methods that it is used to install. This is a sold root app that you can have a lot of features and it acts like the first step for all the root apps on your phone and over looks the other apps so that they don’t go nuts.

With the help of this app, you can unroot the device, keep the logs and much more.

Download SuperSU

Boot Animations

If you are aware of the boot apps, you must be aware of the animation while booting the phone. If you want to remove the animation that you repeatedly see, Boot Animations can help you out here. You can go to Google Play and install it from there.

They have a lot of boot animations in their library. You can choose any of them and start seeing the desired animation.

Download Boot Animations

Wakelock Detector

This app exactly does what its name says. It alerts you in finding the apps that are going nuts, ie., acting out of line. This way, you can be aware of this process and stop from doing it. This is much essential to have it in your device because it alerts you about how the new apps are behaving.

Most of the users remove the users use it only to find out the faults in the other apps, which you can save the app as well as the phone.

Even if there is one app that is going to hang up the device, it can create a lot of troubles. Now think what could happen if there is a threat to the whole device because of an app alone! Hence Wakelock Detector is a must app to have it on your device.

Download Wakelock Detector