Download UC Browser For PC/Laptop, UC Browser on Windows 10

UC Browser Download For Laptop: Smart mobile is the one which we carry where ever we go. As it was not possible to carry out desktop or laptop where ever we want, smart mobile has replaced them. Now, every one of us has a smart mobile and we use it in place of desktop and laptop.

We surf through it, prepare and share documents, attends video calls, instant messaging and what not, everything is through smart mobile. When we are doing all these things, then it is most important to have the perfect web browser in our mobile. When I was searching for the perfect web browser for smart mobile, I came across UC Browser and it is one of the best web browsers for smart mobiles.

download uc browser WindowsUC Browser is a very simple and light weight browser. It is very easy to use and opens very quickly without any delay. It provides you the high speed downloading and surfing even with the weak internet connections.

It has gained much popularity in less time and it deserves it. It is being used by many smart mobile users and the count keeps on increasing as days are passing.

UC Browser also allows you to download multiple files at once and it also supports pause and resume of downloads which was previously available with browsers of desktop only. But, UC Browser provides us such features in smart mobile.

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Install UC Browser For Windows 10

If you have used UC Browser in your smart mobile, you will have a great experience of browsing. If you want to have the same surfing experience on your desktop using UC Browser, you can get it. As there was no specific installable software of UC Browser for desktop, you can download and install UC Browser on your Windows 10 desktop and laptop for free using BlueStacks. There might be many types of software available, but I found BlueStacks is perfect and does me the job as expected.

The first step is to download BlueStacks and allows it to complete the download. It may take time based on your internet speed. It is large software and takes few minutes to download completely. Once download completes, double click on the ‘.exe’ file and click “Yes” for confirmation. It starts installing the BlueStacks in your desktop and laptop. Once done with the installation, it creates a shortcut for BlueStacks on your desktop.

Install and UC Browser on Windows Laptop/PC

Just follow the below mentioned few steps to install UC Browser in your Windows Laptop/PC to enjoy the surfing with high speed even with the weak internet connection.

  • Double click on the created shortcut of BlueStacks on the desktop to open it. On the start screen, it shows both Top Apps and Other Apps. On the left side, you can find the orange colored Search Double click on it to search for Android Apps we want to install on our desktop and laptop.

uc broswer on laptop

  • In the search bar, type “UC Browser” and it starts showing the search results matching the entered text. You may find the UC Browser in the list or it shows “Search Play for UC Browser”. If asked to log in, you can login using your Google login credentials. If you do not find UC Browser in the list of the search results, click on Search Play for UC Browser.

uc browser bluestacks

  • It opens up the Android Play Store and shows the UC Browser from Play Store. Double click on the UC Browser App and click on the Install It starts installing the UC Browser.

install uc browser windows 10

Once installing is done, you can find it in the Apps section. Open up the installed UC Browser and enjoy browsing. These are some simple steps to be followed to install UC Browser in your Windows Desktop/PC and Laptop using BlueStacks.

Features of UC Browser For PC

As of now, we have seen steps to be followed for installing UC Browser on your desktop and laptop and now, we will see what are the features associated with it, which makes it the best browser for smart mobile and how unique it is.

It gives you the fast browsing experience even with the weak internet or data rate. It has many themes to be applied to the browser and can make UC Browser look attractive by applying those themes. You can even create the collage of all images present on the web page. UC Browser gives you the best performance if used on Wi-Fi and 3G Networks.

UI of UC Browser is very simple and it is a light weight browser. It even works well on 2G network and it does not need any guide to know how to use it. It will for sure give you the best surfing and browsing experience. It is very easy to use and is available for free. It supports the night mode and you can turn on this feature, to have the comfortable reading at night.

The interface of UC Browser is very attractive. It allows you to pause downloads and can resume them later. It also gives you the Download Manager, browsing under incognito mode, speed dial, see videos with full screen and many more features like this. Speed Mode II feature of UC Browser will help you in automatically identifying the web page to be loaded based on the speed of your internet connection. It also loads the next page when you reach the end of the current page using the AutoPager feature. Its CPU utilization n is very less, unlike other web browsers.

Final Words About Downloading UC Browser For Windows 10 Laptops

UC Browser is the most preferred web browser for any smart mobile due to its features, uniqueness and due to easy to use nature. It is the most economical web browser and does not require a penny to download and install it. It helps you surf the internet even with low data rates. It uses the minimum bandwidth and reduces the amount you spent on the internet. It is very easy to use with the easily adaptable interface and you can use all it’s functions easily and quickly. These features made UC Browser the most preferred web browser for smart mobile. One more thing this UC browser in compatible for Windows 10 also.

Have you installed UC Browser on your desktop or laptop using BlueStacks? Please, do share your feedback and experience with us through comments.

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