Normally we download apps in to our Android phone through Google Play Store. It is the best and official way to download and install any android app. But what if in some conditions and whatever might be the reasons, you could not download and install android apps from Google Play Store? We cannot leave it as it is and what can we do when we are in need of any such apps? Do not worry. Whatever might be the situation, we can download apk file associated with that android app and install that apk file in our Android apps.


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Suppose, you are facing problems with the internet connection, low bandwidth, less storage space in your mobile or any other situation, which stops you to downloading and installing app from Google Play Store.

Then, in that case, you can download the apk file of that android app and you can install that apk file later on when you need by enabling some options in settings.

Again, there might be many sources to download apk files, but in this article I will let you know the genuine websites to download apk files. In this tutorial I will let you know the sources to download Vidmate apk file for free.

Vidmate App Download For Android, Vidmate Apk Free Download

Vidmate allows you to watch and download HD videos from your android device itself. Whether it might be audio functions, movies, serials, shows and whatever it might be, Vidmate apk allows you to watch them in your hand held devices for free. You can even download them to your android device using Vidmate apk for android for free.

Vidmate has the very good video downloader which allows you to download any video in your android device. You can pause and download multiple videos easily and for free. Suppose, you have missed any show or serial, then by downloading and installing Vidmate apk for android will help you to watch those videos in your Android device for free.

  • Here is the working link to download Vidmate Apk.

Vidmate apk Download to your computer

There might be many websites which says that Vidmate apk is available with them. Most of them may be malware and if you go through them, then your computer might get affected. Not every source is the right source.

I will guide you through the right source and also the genuine one which allows you to download Vidmate apk for android for free. I will take you through the genuine sources, such that Vidmate apk can be downloaded and installed for free without creating any problems.

To install Vidmate file in your Android device, first you need to download Vidmate apk to your computer or Android phone itself. If you download Vidmate apk in your computer, then scan it first and then copy it to your Android device.

Need to remember one thing that whenever you download any apk file, then you must scan it before installing it. This helps you to stay secure from any sort of viruses.

If you don’t like this app to download you can try another similar app called Showbox.

One website to download Vidmate apk to your computer

One of the available genuine sources to download Vidmate apk is downloadatoz. Visit that website and you can download Vidmate apk for free. Not only Vidmate apk, this website provides apk file of every Android app and you need to just type the name of android app and hit enter.

I have provided the link to directly download the Vidmate apk. Just click on “Download APK” blue colored button and you could see Vidmate apk getting downloaded to your computer.

This website fetches the Vidmate apk file from the Google Play Store, so it is genuine and no need to worry about it. It is the virus free and malware free and you can be sure of that. But I always advice you to scan the downloaded Vidmate apk file before installing it in your Android device.

Download Vidmate app apk using the Chrome/Firefox Extension

Not only websites, we have a genuine source to download Vidmate apk in the form of Chrome and Firefox extension. You can install the Chrome extension or Firefox add on with the name CodeKiem APK Downloader in your computer.

But, here to download the Vidmate apk using this extension or add on, you need to follow few steps and they are explained in detail in the Codekiem official website. Please, visit that website and download the genuine Vidmate apk file to your computer for free.

These are some of the best and genuine sources to download Vidmate apk to your Android device. Now, you need to install Vidmate apk in your Android device and for that you need to enable some options in settings and they are explained step by step below. Just follow them to successfully install Vidmate apk in your Android device.

Steps to install Vidmate app apk in Android device

  • Open Settings of you Android device and scroll down till you see Security and tap on it.
  • Under security look for Unknown sources section which says that, “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”. This option will be disabled by default. This means that, it does not allow the apk file to be installed in your device and it allows only installation from Google Play Store.
  • We need to enable this option to install apk files externally. Enable the option and it shows the security message. Click “Ok” and now your device is ready to install any apk file.
  • Now, copy the downloaded Vidmate apk file from your computer to your Android device. Locate the copied Vidmate apk using file explorer and double click on it to install Vidmate apk in your Android device.

Vidmate App apk features

  • Vidmate allows you to download the high quality videos.
  • Just paste the URL of the video which you want to download, it auto detects it and allows you to download the video.
  • From the history, you can see the downloaded videos.
  • You can make use of the video downloader which is of high level features.
  • You can pause and resume the download wherever you want.
  • VidMate supports various video formats including WMV, 3GP, M4V, FLV, MP4, MOV and many more.

This is the way to download and install Vidmate apk for your Android device. Have you downloaded and install Vidmate apk in your Android device? If not, hurry up! If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments.