WhatsApp Apk Download For Android (Latest Updated Version)

WhatsApp is one of the best communicating apps for smart mobile users. Every mobile user, whether it might an Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian or Windows has the facility to use WhatsApp by just downloading it. It is free for first year and need to pay the small amount of $0.99 per year from there on. It is so popular that, one of the leading social networking website Facebook bought it for huge amount of 19 million USD. This needs to be seen in most important way, as Facebook has it’s own messaging app called Facebook Messenger, but even though it bought WhatsApp for such huge amount. This shows how WhatsApp has been engaging with the normal user day by day.

Whatsapp apk

WhatsApp has been in every smart mobile and I mean to say that, almost everyone is using it in their smart mobile. It is easy to download and just needs a verification of your mobile number to get started with. Apart from the usage, it has an attractive User Interface and easy to use nature. It allows you to apply the profile picture, create groups and many more features which are very attractive. This Whatsapp version supports Android 2.3.6 and Android 4.2.2, 4.1, 4.4 AND all other major releases.


You can send images, video and audio files easily. You can even send recorded voice messages on the fly. Recently calling feature in WhatsApp is on the row and it really awesome. There will be a 2 seconds delay, but most of the WhatsApp users are really enjoying it to the core and are using it regularly. WhatsApp for Web  is also gaining more and more user reputation.

WhatsApp For Android, iOS and Windows

As already mentioned, WhatsApp supports all platforms and the leading mobile platforms are Android, iOS and Windows. So, every user who carries a smart mobile having these platforms can download and install WhatsApp and can talk to each other. Android users can install it from Google Play Store, iOS users can install it from iTunes and Windows users can install it from Windows Phone Store. It does not cost you anything and is free to install it. So, it is a free communication app for smart mobile users.

WhatsApp APK updated Version Download

There will be cases where you need to download apk files in your smart mobiles and then install them to use that particular app. Situations like slow internet connection, low memory, battery availability, access permissions and many more such scenarios where you could not install apps from the store (Google Play Store for Android, Windows Phone Store for Windows and iTunes for iOS users). Then, you do not need to worry about that. This might be applicable to WhatsApp also. You can download WhatsApp APK free from few recommended websites.

Current WhatsApp Version Details :

  • Last Updated on : May 20th, 2015
  • Current Downloads : 1,000,000,999 – 5,000,000,999
  • Current Whatsapp APK Version : 2.12.94
  • Rating : 4.5/5
  • Supported Android Versions: All Major releases( 2.3.6, 4.0, 4.2.2, 4.4 and 5.0)

Downloading apk files is to be done with awareness. Most of the websites say that, they provide you apk files, but in turn it installs malware in your smart mobiles and computer. So, you should be careful when downloading apk files to your computer. So, now I will let you know few sources which you can try out without any problem to download free WhatsApp apk for Android. I tried them and it does not create you any problem and do not introduce any malware. Here the three sources to free download WhatsApp apk and to install WhatsApp apk manually in Android.

WhatsApp APK for Android from WhatsApp Official Website

To get the latest WhatsApp apk to your smart mobile, then you can get it from official website of WhatsApp. Just head over to WhatsApp official website and click on green colored button “Download Now”. It starts downloading the WhatsApp apk and takes some time based on your internet connection. Most of the users download WhatsApp apk when calling feature was introduced for the first time.

download whatsapp apk free

Sometimes, WhatsApp updates the application and releases the apk file in this website before releasing it in the Play Store. It is 100% suggested website for sure.

Website to download WhatsApp apk to your computer

There is one more source where you can download the latest version of WhatsApp apk for free. Head over to downloadatoz website and you will see the option to download WhatsApp apk for Android. This website provides apk files for download for almost all android apps and as you are looking for WhatsApp apk for Android, I gave the link which navigates directly to download WhatsApp apk.

download whatsapp apk android

Just click on the “Click to download” green colored button and the WhatsApp apk file starts downloading. It is also 100% suggested and can believe in this site. It refers to the Google Play Store and it also provides details and screenshots from the official and suggested sources. Wait for few seconds and you can see that WhatsApp apk has been downloaded successfully to your computer.

One more Website to download WhatsApp apk to your computer

Above two mentioned sources should work fine and should give you the latest version of WhatsApp apk for Android. But, if you want to try out more and looking for some other source, then here it is. Evozi’s APK Downloader is the most preferable source to download any sort of apk files for Android. Just follow these steps to download WhatsApp apk for Android for free,

  • First, you need to go to Google Play Store and search for WhatsApp (Same for any Android App, in our case it is WhatsApp). Copy the entire URL from the address bar or only the Package ID of the app.
  • Now, visit Evozi’s APK Downloader and paste the copied URL in the text provided.
  • Now, click on the “Generate Download Link” blue button and it gives you the download link after in few seconds.

whatsapp apk free download

  • Click on the download link and the WhatsApp apk for Android gets downloaded to your computer.

download link for whatsapp apk for android

Note: It is always recommended to scan the downloaded apk files. So, I recommend you to scan the WhatsApp apk which we download using above methods.

Steps to install WhatsApp apk in Android device

Normally, Android does not allow installation of apps from third party source. It only allows apps from Google Play Store to be installed on your Android device. But, there are few steps which need to be followed to install WhatsApp apk on your Android Device and here are they.

  • Open Settings in your Android mobile and look for Security and then tap on it.
  • Under Security section, look for Unknown sources which is disabled by default. This restricts installation of apk files externally. We need to enable it, to install WhatsApp apk manually in Android device.
  • Just, toggle the button to enable it. It shows you some message and click “Ok” to continue. Now, your Android device is ready to install any apk files easily.

install whatsapp apk manually

  • Now, copy the downloaded WhatsApp apk file from computer to your Android Device and double click on it to start the installation. Hurray! Installation is done and now you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp in your Android Device.

Conclusion for Download WhatsApp Apk for free

Now, everyone has got the recommended sources ad steps to download WhatsApp apk for Android for Free. So, have you tried any of these methods? If you are aware of any other ways to download and install WhatsApp apk, please do share with us through comments.