Download WhatsApp For Nokia Asha, Nokia X, XL, X+ Mobiles

Download WhatsApp for Nokia X, XL, X+/Whatsapp for Ahsa 200/202/305/302/206???, seems like what you’re looking for, right? Of course you guys are seeking to get WhatsApp download for Nokia. This query has been made very easy and simple in this tutorial, I’ve provided everything here for you to install WhatsApp on Nokia Ahsa devices and Nokia X,X plus, XL. All I want from your side is just a little bit of attention towards this definitive post to put WhatsApp in Nokia XL and other platforms.

WhatsApp is a enormous and highly adequate application for the text and voice messaging. As you know it has skillful and much improved features to create the better interaction between the people. Without any dubiety we can say this is the most emergent Android app now-a-days. Unfortunately it is not an pre-installed application in the Nokia X and related mobiles. But you no need to bother about this issue because I’ve shown very clearly how to download WhatsApp for Nokia XL, X and X+ and Nokia Ahsa 301 and Other Asha devices. Let’s go to bag the gem.

Download WhatsApp For Nokia Asha Mobiles ( Scroll down for Nokia X series)

Since this WhatsApp is an app from Android which in turn from the Google Play Store, every Android mobile can get this very easily. Whereas in some Nokia phones, applications of Android can’t be installed directly from play store. This procedure is same for all the Asha and Symbian Mobiles. Ahsa 200/206, Nokia Ahsa 302/500/305.

Even though Nokia OVI store has provided WhatsApp for its users by putting up a genuine and safe way, but it won’t support the Nokia X series mobiles. If you are not using Nokia XL or X plus, X then you can get WhatsApp from the Nokia store. It’ll consume more time to you if you get into the OVI store of Nokia and then searching for WhatsApp later downloading it, it’s all a big deal.

To brush off all those things, here I’m specifying the exact link for downloading WhatsApp for Nokia which are not X series. Afford a gentle tap on the below download button to have app Whatsapp on your Nokia.

Download WhatsApp for Nokia

Do these steps one by one when you enter into official site of ovi store.

  • You’ll need to Sign In in order to download that app, if you don’t have Nokia Account, create one instantly.
  • Later that check out WhatsApp compatibility with your Nokia device. Have a look at the image below for getting a gist about these steps.

download whatsapp for nokia

  • If Whatsapp suits your mobile then you can download it. To get it, tap on the “Download Via PC” option, that means first you are supposed to download it in PC and then transfer that to your mobile through the connector.
  • Have you selected wrong mobile for checking compatibility? Don’t worry you can change your device at the top as I’ve shown in below image.

whatsapp for nokia x

  • If you don’t get WhatsApp for your Nokia Asha Mobile, you can check the following link. Here also you need to select your device and then download it. This works for any version of Nokia Asha phone.

Download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha

  • This is one methodology for getting Whatsapp into the Nokia mobiles.

Download WhatsApp For Nokia X & Nokia XL, Nokia X+

If you want to fetch Whatsapp for Nokia X platforms, then check out one more method, have a look into the upcoming part which is an efficient phenomena to download WhatsApp app.

Before going to install Whatsapp you need to get an app named 1Mobile Market. Later installing this application, go for WhatsApp installation. Come over the few steps below to install 1Mobile Market in Nokia.

  • Search for 1Mobile Market app.
  • Download its Apk file then get it installed.

Later this part, open 1MobileMarket and notice where the ‘Search’ is located. Now in that search bar type ”WhatsApp’ and install it for getting Whats app on Nokia X, Nokia XL and X+.

free download whatsapp on nokia asha

Once you run WhatsApp, mobile verify processing will be there. You can finish it off with in few moments. Enjoy with the app if you windup with all this phenomenon.

I believe you can clear up this process much considerably to download Whats app for Nokia X, Nokia XL and Nokia X+. Queries and suggestions are accepted in the form of comments and tell your friends to try this method by sharing this post with them.

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