6 WhatsApp Tricks/Tips For Android You Must Know

Here are some of the top most tips and tricks for your favorite instant messaging service WhatsApp. These may probably amaze you by the end of this article. You can also checkout these awesome articles article which are related to WhatsApp. Download WhatsApp For PC and use WhatsApp Web version on PC.

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Best WhatsApp Tricks For Smart Phone Users

1.Use whats app without any mobile number :

install-whatsapp-without-sim-mobile-numberUsually Whats App requires mobile number in order to create WhatsApp account if you want WhatsApp account with fake mobile number then follow these steps.

  • First uninstall WhatsApp which was already installed in your smart phone.
  • Download WhatsApp and re-install it.
  • Block your messages easily by changing phone profile into flight mode and add your number to it. It will be sending messages to servers and verify your number.
  • Verification is still in progress message are blocked and WhatsApp ask you alternative method to verify. then choose method through SMS and enter your email id and click “send” and after a second click “cancel”. it stops the authorization process.
  • Install spoof text message for android and Fake–a-message from iPhone.
  • Go to outbox on spoofed copy the message details and send it spoofed verification.
  • Use some details in spoofed message email, phone number, country code .
  • A message will be sent to spoofed number and we can use fake account of WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp.Curse back the curse of blue ticks

Have you ever been in that situation that your phone buzzes repeatedly and on lack of time you just glanced at the messages but didn’t text them back…Here where they’d think we are ignoring them. That’s the only curse that the blue ticks have put on us. NO WORRIES! The liberty of privacy is ours again.

HOW: Users of android who are on the all new beta version of the app can access Privacy via Settings and disable Read Receipts. Is that not easy for you now?

However if you are left behind desperately then Download the beta and go to your android phone’s settings. Now enable unknown sources to install the APK file as it is yet to come in the Google Play Store.

Make your conversations more vibrant with Whatsapp PLUS Holo.

whatsapp plus tricksLooking forward for completely new interface on Whatsapp? Download Whatsapp PLUS Holo. It provides default theme ‘HOLO ’… There are plenty other ways to customize your themes on Whatsapp…

Time for some funny pranks

Want to chat with Salman Khan or Sachin Tendulkar or even Mark Zukerberg? Well, creating a fake chat is much easier job than hunting for their numbers.

HOW: You will be able to do this with Whatsapp WhatSaid. You can create a fake conversation with anyone by adding your photos name them and create your own posts (on both sides)

whatsapp plus fake conversationNOW send word files from your WhatsApp

Being not able to send word files through whatsapp has left a small disappointment behind. CloudSend APP vanishes all these disappointments that are left…

send wordfiles in whatsappHOW: Install Dropbox and Cloudsend APP and open it. When you are asked to link with Dropbox and Cloudsend APP allow it. Share Cloudsend needed file and your file will automatically load. A link is provided to that file. You can share this file to your friend or group and the files are downloaded without any hassle.

Secure your Whatsapp from prying eyes.

At times each and every person has to encounter with that situations where our family members or friends go through our whatsapp conversations out of curiosity. Want to escape from these sneak peek situations? We are here to help you…

HOW: If you are ANDROID user then you have WhatsApp Lock while the Blackberry users need to checkout Lock for Whatsapp… Both the Apps have quite similarities and they work similarly. In case of Whatslock the app is protected by a pin and in case of lock for whatsapp it is protected by a password. And now you have no more people peeping into your WhatsApp.

secure lock for whatsappHope these little tricky tips are helpful for you. Keep trying something new because being normal is being bored. And for more information visit our site

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