Create Windows 10/8.1 bootable DVD or USB Pendrive

This article will help you to make a bootable Windows 10/8/8.1 DVD or USB drive. We have many software’s to burn .ISO files. Unfortunately, many of them will not work properly even if you burn the.ISO image file properly. It will not function as bootable DVD in most of the cases.

Never try to burn .ISO images using DVD burners because the success rate is very low. I have seen that many people are doing small mistakes while burning .ISO files. It is a little bit difficult to use DVD burning software like Nero, Power DVD burner for new PC users.

windows bootable dvd

It is very easy to make a bootable DVD or pen drive from .ISO files but many people feel it as a difficult task. Even a 5th standard student also can do it after seeing this tutorial.

Why can’t you? Go ahead to know How to make any windows 10/8.1/7 OS bootable DVD or USB pen drive

One thing you should take care about is downloading the proper ISO file. Here proper means not corrupted ISO file.

Make sure your PC has sufficient power.It will take 15-30 minutes based on your RAM.Don’t do any other tasks while doing this. If you do then nothing serious will happen (just takes more time).

Step 1: Create windows 10/8.1/8 bootable DVD/pen drive

Download the windows7 – USB – DVD -tool from the below link. This tool can be used to make Windows 10 bootable Pendrive also. I personally used this tool and installed windows 10 OS. you can read about installing Windows 10.

Download Here

Download the software from above link and Install the downloaded file. Usually, it will take 2-3 minutes. You can see the shortcut on the desktop after completion of installation. Open the installed software.

Step 2: Burn Windows 10/8.1 ISO files to Make CD bootable

  • After opening the software you will see a screen like in the below image.

Burn windows ISO filesClick on browse then select the ISO file location.Click on next.After clicking on next you will see an option like below. Choose the suitable option for you if you are using DVD select DVD otherwise select USB device(pen drive).

Choose the suitable option for you if you are using DVD select DVD otherwise select USB device(pen drive).

Windows 8.1 bootable pendriveDo you Know?

Step 3: Make Windows 10 bootable DVD/pen drive

Select the location of your pen drive or DVD in the drop down as you can see in the below figure. I am using a pen drive. so, I have selected my pen drive location.
How to burn 8.1 ISO files
Click on begin copying. As I said it will take 15-30 minutes to complete the process be patient for a while.
After some time will see a window like below then you bootable DVD or Pendrive is ready to use.
For better understanding watch this video on YouTube How to create windows 7,8,8.1 bootable DVD/Pendrive
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  • Please tell me how to install windows 8.1 OS.

  • But it is saying…invalid iso file

    • your iso file may be corrupted.Download proper iso file.

  • mein window 8 ke liye pendrive mei banana chahata hoo.plz tell me this method

  • thanks a lot for this easy tutotial.I successfully created windows 8.1 bootable pen drive.

  • thanks bro . Really this is very easy method. I have tried many methods to burn ISO files but this is really great one.

  • thanq a lot

  • Thanks buddy i have seen many tough tutorials and finally i found the best one here. Now i have installed my windows 8 successfully.

  • i have inserted a new pendrive scandisk 16GB. The windows7-usb-dvd tool states a msg no compatible removable USB device detected. Please ADVICE

    • Try to use any other pendrive if you have any or else format it and try ( formatting may not be helpful).

  • sir mere pc. me mene windows 8.1 download ki h.sir mujhe wo 8.1 ki dvd banani h to sir plz.tell me. nero se kase banai jati h

    • Sorry kanhaiya i don’t understand completely what you said. If you want to create bootable DVD of windows 8.1 you can use this procedure.

  • Awesome! I just made a bootable Windows 8.1! Thank you!

  • mein window 8 ke liye pendrive mei banana chahata hoo.plz tell me this method

    • Just do as said in the method!

  • cool one bro …the procedure which u hav given is jst awesome..

  • I downloaded Win7 USB DVD tool. Windows 8.1 would not allow me to install the program. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,


  • I have a problem where it states that the files copied are successful but unable to run bootsect to make the usb bootable

  • thanks bro

  • HI Srinu, great job you do here. Thnx.
    My desktop pc has win 8.1 that just crashed. Have no disks to recover. I looked at your video and text, could not just locate the .iso file. please advice. Many thnkss for all goo dwork you do -rajs

  • 8.1 will not boot. Only o/s available to me is XP. I noticed Win7 is referred to in your instructions, what link should I follow to get an XP version of USB – DVD -tool so I can find an 8.1 ISO to use in creating an 8.1 bootable DVD?

  • WHOAA !!! IT WORKED. I had suspicion coz i already had WIn 7 usb/dvd download tool,but now i see i had older version of the app.

  • Are you sure
    This software working properly in windows 8.1 ???
    Can you tested this software in windows 8.1 platform ?
    Because review is not for windows 8 so plz reply me before I download this software

    • Yes, I have installed windows 8.1 in my PC also. I made bootable DVD using this software only. All you have to do is get a good ISO files that’s it.

  • I used this guide to create a bootable USB stick of Windows 8.1 Pro and it worked fine.
    Thanks for the guide !

    • Thanks for writing the comment. It will encourage me to write this kind of tips.

  • what about the key?

  • I went through the directions and they worked great! Thanks very much for posting easy to understand and easy to do strategy!

  • It’s not working on my pc installed windows 8.1 while I’m trying to create Windows 8.1 lighter version bootable usb

    I’m using SanDisk 8 gb pen drive.

    Any suggestions…!

  • invalid partition table how to fix it.

  • To create a bootable USB T. drive, I suppose you would need to do it from a PC with windows 8.1 installed. My frustration lies in being unable to install/read Windows 8.1 DVD.

  • At the end of burning (99%) it says it “Could not burn the files.”

    Any idea why this is happening? It’s a good ISO I believe.

    • Never saw this kind of error Christoban. I believe something wrong with ISO only. Just few hours back I made Windows 10 bootable dvd also.

  • need to boot windows 8 in safe mode. Shift 8 not working. ????

  • how to make normal pendrive from bootable. sir!

  • Dude If I Make My PD Bootable Will It Be Useless For Save Data Such As Songs, Videos, Softwere? Please Help Me Send Me Your Answer To My Email PLS


  • when i click begin copying then message box will appear with no enough space in USB so what can i do in that case?

  • successfully created but not bootin (usb) tried 2 pendrives!!

    plzz help !rply fast

  • install dvd usb tool it showes
    this application requires .net frame work2.0
    give me for this problem

    • You have to install .net framework. Google it, download and install it.

  • Thanks for this useful article (y)

  • thankx….a lot it’s working…

  • dude i had installed usb/dvd and i proceed as ur tutorial but its showing that all the files r copied succesfully but we are unable to run the bootsect plz say how to fix it

  • pen drive kitne g.b ki chaihe????

  • Nice tutorial.
    One thing to notice: If the process fails or the iso is not working on the usb.
    Try to disable “Real time protection” (This is how it is called in Avira AntiVir) of your virus protection software before starting the process.
    Some antivirus software may do weird things if it sees an autorun-file…

  • Hii Srinu,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this helpful article with us. Finally, my problem of creating Windows 8.1 USB Pendrive got solved. And all credit goes to you for sharing this detailed article.

    Keep it up. It’s so informative 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this helpful article. 100% working method

  • really helpfull thanks alot to you hats of to you 🙂

  • Hey! do you know why I get this??

    Status: The burning process failed. Please check your DVD drive and the selected ISO file and try again.

  • Hi Srinu, Question: I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1. Yesterday I created an emergency boot DVD. When I tested it today, the boot DVD showed Windows 8 boot data on it not 8.1.
    Is this normal?