Word/Jpg to PDF Converters For Windows 10

Have you ever thought of converting any file type like Word to PDF or JPG to PDF? If yes, then this article would make you go through a round of free PDF Writer software for Windows. We use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF files which are free of cost.

If you want to create a new PDF File or convert a word document into PDF file, you need to buy Adobe Acrobat Writer which is not free of cost. But there is free software to download in Windows Operating System, which allows you to convert any file to PDF. If someone has sent you a file and you want to convert it to PDF, it can be easily done in Windows 10 or Windows 7/8 with help of this software.

word to pdf convert windows 10

Now, I will take you through that software which installs a Pseudo printer on your system. When someone has sent you a file (Word or any other text files), you can convert it to PDF, by just passing that particular document to the PDF printer. But, one important thing here is, you need to have a particular program to open particular files. For example, if do not have Microsoft office word is not installed on your system and someone has sent you a word document and you want to convert it to PDF.

This cannot happen as you cannot open a Word document with MS Word and cannot send it to PDF Printer and therefore cannot convert that word document to PDF. So, make sure you have the right program installed to open files which you want to convert to PDF.

Free Word to PDF & JPG to PDF converters for Windows 10

Primo PDF:

Primo PDF acts like a printer in your Windows System. The only difference with this printer and the normal printer which we have is, this Primo PDF converts any file you pass to it to PDF rather than printing out a paper which was done with normal printers. So, it is said to be the best PDF Printer or PDF Converter. When you open any file and choose to print that, this Primo PDF is shown in the list of printers available and print to file options. It generates good looking PDF files and it can be used to remove all sorts of watermarks which are on the document.


Apart from just converting, you can choose the template or type of conversion. You can choose the output you want. Whether do you want the conversion as eBook, screen or to prepress? This all kind of outputs needs to set before converting a file to PDF and Primo PDF will do it in the same way. So, we have the facility to create an eBook with this. It provides secure PDF Files by creating a password for generated one. Only by entering a password, you can access the PDF File. Primo PDF also gives the flexibility to set the administrator password separately. It created the PDF File that best fits the Screen. It supports every version of Windows and it is very easy to use with easily navigatable menu options.

Download Primo Pdf Converter

PDF 24:

PDF24 does the same way of installing a virtual printer on your system. It has some more additional features when compared to Primo PDF. It does help to convert any document of any type to PDF. Apart from just converting to PDF, it also allows converting the document to JPEG, PNG, TXT, PSD and much more. You can select the output format you want and the respective parameters are visible.

If you want, you can edit or change parameters as you want and PDF 24 will do the job for you. For this, just open a document which you want to convert and choose the option “PDF24PDF” as the print option. This opens the PDF24 Assistant and can choose the output option as PDF. You can also select various output formats as discussed and can also preview the document before converting. Apart from all these, you can also rotate a particular page, insert some blank pages or remove unwanted pages and more are the available options.

Do you know that PDF 24 can also act as a Fax Printer? Yes, this is really interesting part in this. It also installs Fax Printer on your system and allows you to send Fax locally or internationally. All you need to do is, just create a user account with PDF24.org and from there on everything looks quite simple. One more thing which everyone needs to be aware of is you can send converted PDF documents as attachments via e-mail using your configured MS Outlook.

So, whenever you are done with converting a file to PDF, then and there itself, you can send them via e-mail as attachments. It converts not only a file but also allows us to capture a part of the screen and that can be converted to any format as discussed above. It is compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System and not restricted to a particular version.

Get the PDF 24 Software

Bull Zip:

This application is very simple to use and straight forward. It just creates a PDF with just a couple of clicks. Open any application and print it using Bull Zip and you can have your PDF document ready with the conversion. When an application is printed using this, it just gives you a tabbed dialog box and a click on “Ok” does the job for you. It generates and saves the converted the PDF file in “My Documents” folder of your System by default. You have the facility to change the destination folder as per your requirement. Name of the PDF file will be the same name of the document you used for the conversion.

Apart for conversion tab, if you closely look at the remaining tabs, they are related to security and display setting related to the converted PDF file. Most of us like to have our brand name or website name on the stuff we create. In the same way, Bull Zip allows you to have the watermark on the converted PDF files. Those tabs help you to add a watermark to the converted PDF.

You can also rearrange the pages to be in a PDF document before deciding it to be the final feature. It gives you the best and clear looking PDF documents. You can get password protected PDF Files which plays a crucial role in terms of security. This can be done from the Security tab. While converting to a PDF, you can include title, author, description about the document; date and time of conversion and much more by specifying the options parameters. You can also include the extension of the original file in those options.

It is not possible to have separate profiles for different output options. But, a small work around does this job for you. Just create separate PDF printers for every output format including the options with different names. So, when you want the output format of a particular type, you will choose that print option from the available list. You can also set the option to open the converted PDF file as and when the conversion is complete, by just checking the box “Show PDF after creation” under the “General” tab.

Download Bull Zip

Final Words

Not all best software will be used by everyone. It depends on the requirement of the user. Some users may need software with high features and some other may need to just make the work done without any additional features. These software which we discussed just now will be useful to any kind of requirement, as they contain all features from basic to the high end. Free Word to PDF converters for Windows 10 article is over.

I hope this article helped you. If you have any queries then we would like to hear them. Share your views and thoughts about this article.

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