Top 10+ Free AntiVirus Apps For Android

Antivirus For Android

You cannot trust anything or anyone these days, right? You may or may not install an app on your Android device, but installing an AntiVirus is a must, and it must be given utmost importance to protect your device from malware attacks. When it comes to Android, the users download the files from Play Store [...]

Best Tips & Apps to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones

android battery life increase

Technology is growing rapidly from day to day. Previously, we used to have only one mobile per home, but later that got changed to more than 1 per person. This change took just 2 to 3 years to happen. Now, almost everyone has a smart phone. Due, to its beautiful features and elegant look, a [...]

Why Am I Hosting my 150+ Sites on Cloudways?

Hello, Everyone. This is the first time that I am sharing something related to Hosting on Fast Tech Buzz. The reason for writing about Cloudways is that I’ve seen many bloggers struggling with their hosting problems and not able to find reliable hosting providers…. Most of the famous bloggers are misguiding newbie bloggers  to use [...]

Recover Shift Deleted Files in Windows 10/8.1 PC

Did you permanently delete your important files or folders in Windows 8.1/8/10 PC? If you did, Don’t worry you can get back your shift deleted files within few minutes. If you are searching to get back permanently deleted files, then you are just a few steps away from it. Follow this easy and straightforward tutorial [...]

Best Antivirus For Windows 8.1/10 PC Free Download

good antivirus windows 8

After installing your OS, first software you must have to install is Anti Virus. It is compulsory for a Windows PC user to have a good protection software. If you don’t have a good Antivirus you may lose your all data at any point of time and your PC performance also be reduced. Your system [...]

How To Check IMEI On Android Phones?

check imei android

The IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is a unique number which is assigned to every phone. Every phone on a mobile network can be tracked with the help of its IMEI number. Note, IMEI number is associated with SIM slots, so phones with two SIM slot has two IMEI number and phones with one [...]

Avira AntiVirus For Windows 10 Free Download

avira download windows 10

Being sheltered both online and offline is a must in present days. We parcel of things online, and we even duplicate the stuff from different gadgets to our desktops and Laptops. In this way, there is a simple route for Trojans or virus to enter our PC effortlessly without our notification. If we have discovered [...]

Best Apps For Rooted Android Phones in 2017

rooted apps android

Rooted apps are the support system for the phones these days; you get full control over your phone through these applications. Android phones used to have a lot of restrictions, but we have customization option as many rooted applications have improved their functioning by upgrading it. There are few apps we have for you which [...]

Word/Jpg to PDF Converters For Windows 10

Have you ever thought of converting any file type like Word to PDF or JPG to PDF? If yes, then this article would make you go through a round of free PDF Writer software for Windows. We use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF files which are free of cost. If you want to create [...]

Steps to Hide Files & Folders in Windows 10/8.1


This simple tutorial is for windows beginners.Some times we need to protect our files from others, especially personal photos videos and documents.If you are using a computer in a home or in college you should know this easy trick to secure all files from others.In this tutorial, I will show you how to hide files [...]

Download BBM Messenger For Windows 10 PC/Laptop

bbm for windows laptop

Hello guys, today I have come up with something interesting and useful to you i.e., about how to download BBM for Windows 10 PC/laptop. I’m so excited to share the information about this kind of caliber because this is something that looks and designed differently from other chatting apps that I’ve seen. This procedure will [...]

Best Pdf Readers For Android Free Download

best android pdf readers

PDF records are a standout amongst the most mainstream document groups, as they can be opened on for all purposes in any gadget and ensure the originality of substance and designing is not lost. Android gadgets are not outfitted with a default PDF viewer. To see PDF records on your Android telephone or tablet, you [...]

Best Virtual Reality Games For Android


We have witnessed a lot of advancements in the technology, and it has improved our lives in a great way. Be it cleaning, shopping, entertainment, traveling, or any other area; we have seen a touch of technology almost everywhere in our life. It is quite evident to point out that there is no such thing [...]

Quick Heal Antivirus For Windows 10 PC/Laptop

quick heal windows 10

Every one of us wants to be safe, both offline as well as online. Our browsing activities lead us to access numerous websites on which are many files, and not few. There are occasions when we download these files on our computers or laptops. Also, we have little knowledge of how safe they are. We might [...]

KIk Messenger For Nokia Lumia & Samsung Galaxy & Bada Phones

kik for nokia samsung

Once Nokia was the biggest company in the phone market, but today it’s sold to Microsoft. Anyhow though most of the Nokia Users are now using Android or Windows Phone OS or iOS, many people are pretty happy with old Symbian phones like Nokia 5230. If you check Kik official blogs this post, you will [...]

AVG Antivirus Free Download For Windows 10 PC

Avg Antivirus

If you are reading this article, then there must have been several times when you must have noticed that your computer or laptop running on Windows 10 is not working as well as you want it to be. The files and pictures that you have downloaded gets deleted automatically; and you are seeking protection for [...]

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