Best Virtual Reality Games For Android

We have witnessed a lot of advancements in the technology, and it has improved our lives in a great way. Be it cleaning, shopping, entertainment, traveling, or any other area; we have seen a touch of technology almost everywhere in our life.


It is quite evident to point out that there is no such thing which is not affected by modern technology. When we talk about techie stuff, how can we not discuss the impression it has left in the world of games. The gaming experiences are empowered as well as redefined by applying the technological concepts in this domain. You can also read about Best Games for Windows 10.

Best VR Games For Android

It has not only elevated the gaming experiences, but it has also created a void for a massive development in this very domain. We have got a large number of devices, equipment, accessories to assist us while gaming and we also have various apps to add a bonus to our experience.

In this context, it becomes necessary to thank the gaming app developers who take the lot of pain and effort to create appropriate game software for their users. It requires a lot of hard work and patience to understand the needs of gaming freaks because, with so much involvement of technology, the expectations are also increasing.

People always look for something unique in the marketplace, and survival of the fittest is the only agenda of the digital market. Hence, amidst all the chaos and confusion, we bring to you some of the Best Virtual Reality Games which are compatible with Android Operating System.

End Space VR

This game is first of its kinds and is most favorite of all times. It is considered as the most decent game in the world of virtual reality and gives an amazing experience to its players. This game is all about shooting in space, where you are provided with a spaceship of your own.

endspace gear vr

  • You can sit in the cockpit and travel the outer space world hunting on the places where bad guys are located.
  • This game is like a never ending saga, and as you cross the levels, you will witness a growth in some enemies. This game is affordable and contains no in-app purchases.
  • You can get an incredible outer space fighting experience from this game, and you can also upgrade your spaceship, use the hardware controller, and check the scoreboards from time to time.

Download EndSpace VR


This is still ruling as one of the most preferred VR games in the market. It is all from the perspective of the third person, and you can control the camera with the help of your head movements. You can either play it individually, or you also have an option to go online and play it in multiplayer mode.

This is the first VR game in the market which lets you play the game in multiplayer mode through an online platform. The only drawback is that it requires a gamepad and without it, you won’t be able to play it. It is free to download, but also has some in-app purchases which are pocket-friendly.

Download Hardcode

Galaxy VR

This is an excellent game which is a unique combination of the shooter which constitutes of aerial battling in space along with an FPS shooter experience. In this game, you will enjoy playing various battles to fight against your enemies.

Having an aerial battle puts you into a cockpit, whereas for the ground battle you need a good joystick with at least three push buttons to have all of the controls in your hand. You can use the demo version before purchasing the original one.

Chair In A Room

This game is one of its kinds and it totally a masterpiece from the app developers. It gives an incredible experience to its users by showing up a well-formed story line. This feature makes this game even more attractive, and you will be visited by various ghosts that will help you turn into a better person.

Download Chair In A Room

This game will give you a unique VR experience on Android system, and it has grabbed top positions on the list of must-try games in a very short span of time.


It is one of the most user-friendly games which give your adventurous VR gaming experience. It is simple yet very enjoyable platformer-puzzle game where you can go around collecting the crystals and crossing the levels. It has amazing graphics which will make it more family friendly and interesting game.

Download BAMF VR

You can play it by standing or sitting on a swivel chair, and it gives a complete 360-degree experience to you. The best part about this game is that it is free and has no in-app purchases also.

InMind VR

This is one of the most popular game in the charts, and you will completely enjoy playing this. It is all about a predetermined running game where you enter the brain and find out the physical abnormalities in the brain.

Download InMind VR

Once you discover, you have to neutralize it by shooting the anomaly. And this makes the brain healthier. You don’t need a gamepad to play this game, and you also have an option where you can choose whether you want to play with or without VR headset. Also, it is completely free and requires no in-app purchases.

Proton Pulse

It is the most intense and adventurous game of the time, and renowned gaming app developers create it. This game is all about throwing back things to the place from where they have come to you.


It uses head tracker which lets the players move the paddle around the game and bounce back the approaching objects. It has powerful features, colorful graphics, a large number of explosions, and mind blowing theme.

VR Space – The Last Mission

It gives you one of the most enthralling gaming experiences by its incredible graphics and elevated fun. This game is all about arcade shooter which again drops you inside a cockpit for some epic outer space battles.

Download VR Space

You can use the runner mechanics and subdue the hoarding team of enemies coming towards you. It supports a gamepad however you can play it in normal mode without having VR on.

VR X-Racer

This game is pure, sober, yet absorbing as compared all other. It is all about never-ending running saga where you have to travel as far as possible and overcome all the obstacles that you see.

You also earn score running maximum distance possible for you. You can use the gamepad, and you can also set the head-tracking control as the motion sensor. This game is free of cost with some in-app purchases to remove the advertisement. It has no other complicated feature, and the concept is very straightforward and straight.

BattleZ VR

It is a typical and unusual game that portrays FPS excellently. Here, you have to get into the world full of zombies and dragons and subdue them using the shooting system. You can use the FPS, and it also allows online multiplayer mode, where you can get engaged with many other interested players and enjoy this game with them.

It also uses head tracking or QR code system of follow-up in which you can move around and do other stuff also. So far players have not reported any bugs about this game, and the response is satisfactorily active.

Thus, in the light of facts above about some of the Best Virtual Reality Games for Android, we can conclude that this is a blessing for all of us. We have got enough number of the way out to enjoy our time and space, and it has redefined the meaning the fun and gaming. The technology has taken gaming to another level.