Fix Bluestacks Graphic Card Error 25000 in Windows 10

These days Bluestacks become one of the must have software for Windows PC. I have been using this bluestacks software in my windows computer to install my favorite Android applications.

Today, I will show you how to install bluestacks in Windows 10 PC/Laptop without any graphics card issues. Actually, installing this software is not a difficult task when you have all updated drivers in your Windows 10 PC.

bluestacks graphic card error

The main problem comes when you have outdated graphics card drivers on your computer. I will show this tutorial from the beginning to ending with the troubleshooting guide. Even you can install this in MAC also but I am not gonna show you about MAC. This is only for Windows PC users. Let’s start the installation procedure.

download bluestacks windows 8.1

Download Bluestacks for Windows 10 Laptop/PC

Go to the official website and download the bluestacks app player using below link.

Download Latest Version of Bluestacks

Minimum Requirements to install Bluestacks on PC/Laptop

  • Your PC must have 1.6 GHz or more processor for better performance.
  • Minimum 2GB RAM is must but 2GB is not enough for good performance. 4 GB is better.
  • You must have all the latest versions of graphic drivers.
  • Bluestacks is runtime software to install it you should have a high-speed internet connection. At least 126 KBPS download speed is required.

If your Computer has all these specifications. Just go ahead and install the software.

First, try to install Bluestacks by double clicking on the downloaded file. If you didn’t get errors then it’s good and no need to follow the below tutorial. Simply check out some other useful tutorials.

If you get any graphic card error like below then you should check this easy tutorial carefully.

Error 25000 Bluestacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphic card. It is possible your graphic drivers may need to be updated. Please update them and try to install again.

graphic card error 25000

If you get this error you can solve this issue very easily.

First, find out your graphic card specifications of your hardware graphic card (like an exact model number). To find out your Graphic card details in Windows 8.1 or 8 or 7 >> Open Command Prompt and type msinfo32. Then a window will open head over to display tab like in the below screenshot and not graphic card details. Note down your graphic card name exactly.

windows 8.1 system info

Fix  Graphic Card Error 25000 in Bluestacks

Now if you are using NVIDIA company graphic card drive then go to the official site. Click here for to download NVIDIA latest version drivers.

If you are using AMD graphic cards then use this link to download AMD drivers. Just go to official sites and search for your PC drivers and install them.

If you are using some other hardware then simply go to Google and search that name +driver download.

Download suitable graphic card for your Windows 10 laptop or PC. Install the graphic drivers and again try to install Bluestacks this time you won’t get kind of errors. You can simply install bluestacks and enjoy the great software.

There are many offline installers available for bluestacks around the Internet. Please don’t download and install any kind of offline installers for bluestacks because they contain viruses.

After following all these steps, if you are still getting any errors please let me know in comments I will surely help you within hours. I hope this tutorial helped you. Kindly share this tutorial on social media. For more tips and tricks subscribe to FastTechBuzz.

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  • my problem of error 25000 is not resolved. Display “mobile intel(R) 965 Express chipset family(microsoft corporation (WDDM – 1.1). Further, if after your guidance I become able to install blue stacks can any apk file from the computer be installed? Please advise with your expert advice.

  • Sir,I installed bluestacks successfully on my windows 8 pc,but after that when I was trying to install whatspp or anyother apps also,it was coming as ERROR RETREIVING INFORMATION FROM SERVER[RPC:S7-AEC-07] something..
    I was not able to install not even a single app.
    Can you please suggest me a solution for it that what can I do further for it …

    • I have the same problem! any help?

      • reinstall. DELETE USER DATA while uuninstalling.

  • what do i solve graphics driver errer?

  • Brother can u please add the search bar in this site for easy accessing and could please tell me link of bluestaks offline installer file.

  • I received Error 25010. “Your processor does not support this version of Bluestacks Notification Center.”

  • When I install the bluc stacks the message shown that bluestacks currently not supported graphic card. I have window 7 professional with service pack 1, ssd, before this windows xp service pack 3 when bluestack and whatsapp running properly. Now when I clicking on bluestack pc restart automatically.