What is FastTechBuzz?

FastTechBuzz is established to help you in the day to day techno-life. We’ll give you useful tips and tricks in a simple way so that everyone can understand and follow. We help you in solving all your digital (Internet) life better. In short words, Fast Tech Buzz is all about Windows, Android, Online Money Making, Gadgets, Softwares and Much more.

What can you expect from us?

  • Windows Tips & Tricks
  • Android Tips and Best App suggestions for your Android Mobile
  • Latest Technology News
  • PC Security & Online Security Tips ( To secure yourself from Online Attacks and Viruses )
  • How to Make Money Online Tips


Srinu Ipathy, I am the founder and chief editor of this website and many other blogs. I am a Tech enthusiast, Crypto and Equity Trader, the full-time blogger and a Computer Science Engineer. Want to know more about me !!!!!

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