How to Install Windows 10 OS Without Any Problems – Clean Installation

Yesterday (October 1st), Microsoft officially released the beta version of Windows 10 which is named as Windows 10 technical preview. As soon as they released the beta version, I had the itch to record a YouTube video, about installing Windows 10 OS and First look of Windows 10. I had already recorded that video soon I will upload it to YouTube. Keep subscribed to our YouTube Channel.

As soon as I got this in my mind, directly I registered for the Windows Insider Program which is compulsory to download the Windows 10 technical preview. I tried to download the Windows 10 Beta version, because of my slow internet connection it took more than 10 hours to download. Anyway, finally I managed to successfully download the OS without any corruption. I am telling you this because if you want to install Windows 10 preview then you’ll have to do the same thing. Let’s go to the point straightly.

Windows 10 New Menu

If you want to test Windows 10 in Your laptop then first you need to download Windows 10 OS. Use the below link to download Windows technical preview.

Download Windows 10

Minimum Requirements to install Windows 10

  • As per official Microsoft information, you can install Windows 10 on any PC that supports Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
  • Generally, your laptop should have 4GB RAM and 1.5 GHz processing speed and everything else will be fine if you have a laptop with these specs or better specifications.
Disclaimer >> Must Read : Remember, I did this in my personal PC and I had successfully installed Windows Technical Preview in my Dell Laptop. Now, I am gonna show you the procedure to you. This is the proper installation guide to install any Windows OS but still, sometimes you may get some issues. This tutorial is for educational purpose only. It works 999 times out of 1000 times but if you are that one bad lucky I am not responsible for your problems or any damage to your PC (even then nothing will happen I have to say this). If you are OK with this note then go ahead and start installing your new Windows 10 OS.

Before Installing:

  • This tutorial is about clean installation of Windows 10 that means you’ll loose all files in Your system. Especially files in ‘ C: ‘drive.
  • Take backup of all your current data.

Install Windows 10 Technical Preview

I hope now you’re ready with your bootable Pendrive/DVD. First Restart or Shutdown your PC and Insert Pendrive into anyone of the USB ports. Now, while starting your PC every time you’ll find two or one small notes at the bottom of the screen that are saying

  • ” Press F10/F2 or to Enter setup” or Just like >> ” F2 Setup “
  • ” Press F12/F8 for Boot Options” or simply ” >> ” F12 Boot options”

You’ll see some thing like this whenever you turn on your PC. press that button.

The button may be different for different manufacturers for example it is F12 for DELL. You need to press the button which is saying

  • >> BOOT OPTIONS OR BOOT MENU and press that button quickly(in my case it is F12) as soon as you start the system. You should press the button while you are seeing that screen. In case, if you missed it again shutdown and insert Pendrive and turn on your PC and press the correct button.
  • After selecting boot options you will see the list all available bootable devices select USB STORAGE OR DVD. (whatever you are going to use)

Windows 10 install

  • Select the correct option here then you will get a prompt select your language there and click on next then >> Click on install.
  • After clicking on install you will be asked whether you want to upgrade your OS or Custom clean installation. As I said earlier, this article is about Clean installation of Windows so Select second option.

custom install windows 10

  • As soon as you select the second (Custom) option you will see a windows like below. This is very important becareful here. Here you can see all availble drives in your PC. Select only one in which you wish to install and format that drive and again select that formatted drive and Click on next.

windows 10 select installtion drive

  • After that installation starts and it will take around 20-30 minutes. Meanwhile take a cup of coffe and sit in front of your PC.



  • While installing Windows OS your PC will restart several times automatically. Don’t do anything just sit back in your chair and enjoy the installation.
  • After some time you will be asked to select time, Your Computer name,  password and all other small things. After that it’s just like a walk in park.

windows 10 password

I hope this tutorial helped you. If you have any doubts or any issues feel free to contact us. I would like to hear your feedback so leave your comments below. So that I can improve the quality of articles in future. Don’t forget to share this article.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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