12 Best AntiVirus Apps for iPhone & iPad

Irrespective of how safely you use your Apple smartphones, there is no complete guarantee that your iPhone or iPad is protected completely and safeguarded when you are busy with your online activities. You have to have an antivirus for your devices to keep them protected from malicious viruses and security loopholes. Here is a list of 10+ Best AntiVirus List For iPhone and iPad.

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You’re here to find out an antivirus for your iPhone and iPad. Aren’t you? In our research of testing all the available sources to install on our devices. In our in-depth study of the available tools, we have filtered 10+ Best AntiVirus List for iPhone and iPad.

It is said that the Apple devices are manufactured with high vulnerability, and hence they can’t be hacked, but that doesn’t guarantee the hundred percent security on any electronic device and therefore having an antivirus is something that one should seriously consider having it on their devices not to harm them from the viruses.

This article consists of the list of the best antivirus for iPhone and iPod that can install for free of cost. In this article, which was written after filtering all the sources available, here we compared the top Antivirus makers with each other and wrote down how they are different from each other and how they can be useful for the device you are using along with the features individually. Overall, this article is a final step solution for your search for an antivirus.

1. McAfee Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad

McAfee is one of the leading tools in the antivirus and mobile security. It offers the solutions for antivirus with the mobile security option. The features of this tool include locating a remote alarm that works all the time including when the phone is silenced, and there will be a map to the device that you are using this antivirus.

This also has a capture cam to identify the thief that tries to access the mobile. It captures the pic of the person trying to locate the mobile and sends to the location that we set before via an email if the Vault PIN is entered incorrectly multiple times. You can store all the video and audio data with restricted access and the facility to back up your data also you can restore the information that you keep up with backup. In addition to all these, you can wipe out all the data from a stolen device. It looks like you have all the reasons to install this app.

Download McAfee Mobile Security

2. Avast SecureLine VPN

Avast is a very familiar name in the vertical of antivirus, and here, in this case, it offers a secure encryption for all the data that is incoming and outgoing from the device, and it can be made invisible to anyone else. They have their SecureLine technology which makes sure that you are not being tracked by anyone else. There is an option to bypass the geo-restriction.

Download Avast Secureline VPN

3. F-Secure TOTAL

This tool can recognize the amount of risk your device have based on the apps and the data you put in the machine. Precisely, you will be alerted to the threat on the other devices as well if you install this app on them. F-Secure offers a variety of solutions that can help in protecting against malicious advertising, phishing, and other harmful online vulnerabilities. There is an additional barrier for this tool that offers you an extra security for the information of your credit card and other personal data.

Download F-Secure TOTAL

4. Webroot Internet Security Complete + Antivirus

This is a combined tool that can be used anywhere like PC, Mac, Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad). Webroot can use your devices swiftly without causing any side effects to your device like slowing it down while the process of scanning is going on. There will be a password to protect your device with the mobile security and an automatic backup and secure online cloud storage. This also helps you in protecting the malicious content that can impact negatively on your device.

  Download Webroot

5. MobiShield

The feature that makes MobiShield different from the other antivirus tools available is that it has a function to manage the battery that can be able to extend the power and thus extend the standby time for the device. This solution kit can protect the device against spyware, malware, hackers, and an additional standard virus protection.

MobiShield monitors the battery backup and consumption and displays the status of the battery with dynamic graphics. This tool also allows you to backup your iPhone without losing the data like your contacts, and other data. This app gives the real-time iPhone traffic and while monitoring the battery, system information and several other tasks.

6. Norton Mobile Security – Lost Phone Finde

If you want your phones to protect with real-time, then Norton Mobile Security is your thing. It provides you security starting from iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 7, 7 Plus and iPad. The tool is available in 24 different languages. Norton Mobile Security automatically saves the location of your iPhone and gives you low battery alerts. There is an option on the tool where you can find the phone if it lost with the remote feature in it. Data backup is another facility with Norton Mobile Security. It helps you restore the data online.

  • Download Norton Mobile Security – Lost Phone Finde

7. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security is a free tool upcoming antivirus program. It is expected that this is a major program used for devices. They are coming up with a computer program and you can subscribe to their devices. The Safari browser in this program makes your browsing experience safe and well protected. 

Trend Micro Mobile Security helps you by alerting you of scam websites or apps that you browsing on. Backing up of the contacts and transferring them to a new device is a cakewalk in Trend Micro Mobile Security.

8. Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection

Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection, as the name says provides the device with security and identity theft protection that closely tracks the personal and financial information and notifies you whenever there is anything suspicious exposed online.

This app also protects your personal information on social media and keeps the data secured and whenever you are tagged in an offensive and inappropriate post, the app sends you an alert. The ‘find my phone’ feature helps you to find the iPhone with a scream alarm.

9. Mobile Security & Anti Theft Protection for iPhone

The app Mobile Security & Anti-Theft Protection for iPhone performs various protection tasks like protecting financial and personal information and blocking un-trusted websites and ads that pop-up on the device. The vault features in Mobile Security allow you to hide your personal pictures, documents and videos. There is a security alarm in it which prevents the iPad and iPhone from thefts, while the phone is available in 16 different languages.

  • Download Mobile Security & Anti Theft Protection for iPhone

10. Bitdefender Central

Talking about Bitdefender Central, it is one of the best iPhone antivirus apps that can manage the security on your iPhone and iPad. This helps you in cleaning,and scanning within less time possible. It also sends a notification whenever there is a danger to your device. It alerts you by sending a notification. The device finder facility in the phone helps you to lock your lost phone and make sure no one can get the access to your device without your permission.

11. F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE is most trusted Internet security for the smartphones and tablets. This tool protects security and privacy in many ways and you can get the access to the internet easily. Available in 20 different languages.

It also protects you from various harmful and dangerous apps and sites, and is a suitable app for kids. It has safe search browsing protection and content filter, which is good for kids browsing.

12. VirusDetector Pro

Virus Detector Pro is a new tool, but is amazing in protecting iPhone and iPad. The features in this devices makes it different from other tools. It records the links of the sites that are deemed safe by the application. It checks frequently the Google Docs and Dropbox for any malicious content and alerts if there is any.

One of its best features is that it scans the data that you send to others to ensure that you are sending any content filled with malicious data.

We have reached the conclusion with VirusDetector Pro.

Protecting the devices must always be given utmost priority and it is very important to keep them that way, considering the data and the importance we give for the privacy. We do want to lose the hard earned, saved data to some malicious viruses with a few clicks. This is why we surely need an anti-virus app for the Apple devices, iPhone and iPad, although their security is too good.

Well, these are our 12 Best free antivirus apps for iPhone and iPad. You can choose the app depending on your requirements. Let us know your take on them. Share if you like the article. 🙂