Best File Manager Apps For Your Android Phones and Tablets

Today we all have an android device but most of us don’t know which the best apps to use are. For instance, if you look at the file manager app f your Android device – many device manufacturers don’t even pre install any file manager app at all. And sometimes if the manufacturer even installs then it is like some that you don’t like at all. So here is a post about the best android file manager app that will make you android experience rock.

File Manager apps AndroidThere are hundreds of file manager apps in the Google Play store, but today I will be sharing a list of best 5 file manager apps that I have personally used. After personal use, I think that every (Ideal) file manager app should support some basic operations. Those are: –

  • It should able to copy, move, delete and rename (these are basic operations) files.
  • The app should show a thumbnail for media files.
  • The app should look good in every android device like smartphone, tablet or phablet. (Or at least look good on both phones and tablets). So here is the detailed list.

5 best file manager apps for Android Mobiles

Astro File Manager: Astro file manager is the best one in this list. I tried many file manager but I think most of them are not even close to Astro. This file manager file help to manage both your local files and the cloud files. You may connect it to your Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and other cloud storage services and easily access and manage all your files from one central app. ASTRO is ad-supported and but you can purchase the pro version for getting rid of those ads.

Astro file manager for androidES File Explorer 

This is again a feature-rich and extremely popular file management app for Android that has a clean interface and does too many things. You also can ES File Manager to various cloud services, you can also transfer files from FTP servers. I currently have it on my tablet (it was preinstalled).and as a plus point there’s a disk analyzer app to help you discover the space-hogging files.

Sliding Explorer

sliding explorer has a modern flat look. But it doesn’t have any extra features. But a special thing about sliding explorer is – You can add folders to your favorites list and access them quickly with a simple left-to-right swipe. You can choose from light and dark theme, and you can compress multiple files as a single zip. But one of the disadvantages is There’s no search feature in sliding explorer to search files.

File Wrangler

file wrangler is nothing but a basic file manager with a beautiful UI (user interface).as a special feature you get a dual-pane interface. The dual-pane interface makes making it easy to copy/move files from one folder to another folder it supports file searching. And you can bookmark your most-used folders and files using Quick Draw for faster access.


Fylee is a clean and simple file manager app for Android with just the essential features. This is the perfect choice for you if you just want a file manager for doing basic stuff. Fylee is free of advertising. Fylee doesn’t have any search feature.
So that was the list of best 5 file manager apps for your android, I think you loved our work. So please share it with your friends and let me know your opinion on this in the comments section.