Best Antivirus For Windows 8.1/10 PC Free Download

After installing your OS, first software you must have to install is Anti Virus. It is compulsory for a Windows PC user to have a good protection software. If you don’t have a good Antivirus you may lose your all data at any point of time and your PC performance also be reduced. Your system can hacked very easily. Even some viruses may affect hardware of your computer.

Many people are thinking only internet users requires Anti Virus but the truth is that Antivirus is important for every Windows PC user because you PC can be affected by removable media also(Pen drives,Hard disk etc.,. In this article I’ve selected 5 best antivirus for Windows 10 and 8.1 64 bit & 32 bit laptops. These are compatible with windows 8/7 also.

If you use internet in your PC installing antivirus will not be enough to secure your system 100% you have to update your Antivirus every day. Some people may think what is the need of update? Here your answer is there so many people who are creating  new viruses every day they write the program(Virus,Trojans)  such that no present antivirus cannot detect that.

That’s why you have to update your software regularly. Nowadays ~5000 new viruses,Trojans and backdoors are coming out from hackers system everyday so you must update your system to secure yourself from them. So, I am giving you some of the best  Anti Viruses of 2014. Check out below antivirus for windows 8/8.1 laptop and let me know which is your favorite one. You can get more info about AntiVirus for Windows 10 here.

Best Free Antivirus for Windows 8.1 & Windows 10


best+Antivirus+download+for freeIf you are looking to use a awesome free antivirus in Your Windows 8.1 PC then you must use this. This is the best free Anti-Virus.This is the most widely using software now a days. Protects your PC from virus, spyware, and other malware infections. Sandbox : A clean, virtual browser window prevents theft of banking data. Stops malicious and time-consuming email scams. Secures your data by blocking hacker attacks. Avast Antivirus is very easy to use.You can use it for free or you can buy full version. If you full version then you will get lot of other features. Download  Free Antivirus for windows 10.

Quick look of Avast :

  • Compatibility : Avast is Compatible with Windows 10/7 64/32 bit. Windows 8.1/8 64 bit & 32 bit.
  • Usability : Excellent ( Good for Beginners)
  • Protection: 4.5/5
  • Avast Windows 10

Norton Security

This is one of the best premium anti-viruses out there in the present market in my point of view. If you have latest version of Norton you don’t need to bother about your PC security. There are different versions available like Norton Anti-Virus ,Norton Internet Security,Norton 360. Each version offers different features.Norton Safe Web for Facebook® scans your News Feed for dangerous downloads and warns you and your friends about them.

Browser Support for Phishing Protection, Safe Search, and Password Management.This is very useful for those who don’t know much about security.Detects and removes spyware and unwanted monitoring software.Block Internet worms at the point of entry. This will not slow down your PC. Runs smoothly in the background. Some what tricky to use this. Simply this is the master of Anti-virus software. It is not a free software but you can use trail version if you like it you can buy. Download free Latest Version  of Norton for windows 8.1 Here

Quick look at Norton Anti Virus:

  • Compatibility : Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Ultimate 32 bit,  Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
  • Usability : Average ( Not easy for Noobs)
  • Protection: 4.8/5


McAfee is the world’s largest dedicated security technology company. McAfee Anti Virus enables users to safely connect to the Internet, and securely surf and shop the web. You will get complete anti-malware and anti-spyware protection, along with an integrated firewall to ensure their computer systems remain virus-free. Additionally, McAfee’s virus removal service helps you easily clean viruses and spyware from your

Most of the hackers will use McAfee because they are best at detecting the most dangerous malware like back doors.I personally suggest you to buy this because I am using this from last one year. Try out McAfee strong protection software by downloading  free McAfee antivirus trial version. If you like it buy the full version Download Latest Version  of McAfee Here .

Quick look of McAfee Anti Virus :

  • Compatibility : Compatible with all version of Windows Laptops.
  • Usability : Good for normal Windows use
  • Protection: 4.8/5

Microsoft Security Essentials

This is official Anti-Virus software provided by Microsoft. If you want to use a free Anti-virus no need to think of another Anti-Virus. You must have the genuine copy of windows to use this Anti-Virus. It’s very very easy to install and use. Very efficiently runs in background. You can update this software regularly. Download Latest Version  of Microsoft Security Essentials Here
Quick look of Microsoft Security Essentials:

  • Compatibility : MSE is Compatible with Windows 10/7 64/32 bit. Windows 8.1/8 64 bit & 32 bit Laptops.
  • Usability : Excellent ( Anyone with minimum Computer Knowledge can maintain this)
  • Protection: 4/5

AVG Anti-Virus System

  • Detects and stops viruses, threats and malware
    easy-to-use & works in background.
  • Prevents online spam and spammers &hackers.
  • Blocks attempts to access data stored on your PC
  • A quick performance boost for your PC
Download the latest version of AVG here

Among the all above free antivirus Microsoft Security Essential antivirus is good for windows 8.1. Avast also protects Windows 8/8.1 very well. I would recommend everyone to buy a premium version of any one of the antivirus because it adds more protection for your Windows PC in this latest technology generation.

I hope my suggestions helped you guys. If you’ve got anything to say or discuss with me just leave a comment below. If you like this article, don’t forget to share.

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