Transfer files from windows PC to Android/Lumia phone without USB cable – Using WiFi

Now a day’s mobile is a part of our daily life. Everyone wants to have good media content in their mobile so we have to transfer our files from PC to mobile. Many people know how to transfer files using USB cable but the thing is cable may not be available all the time. So it is better to know how to transfer file from PC to Phone without USB cable. There are few apps also available to transfer files using WiFi but these apps are not available for free and they will take some memory of our phone. Some apps will slow down your mobile also. So i am going to tell you an easy and simple way to transfer files without using any applications. In this method we’ll use WiFi to transfer our files. This procedure may look like difficult but it’s very easy. Just follow the below steps it will not take more than 1-3 minutes.

transfer files TO PHONE

 Step 1: To transfer files from PC to Android/iPhone Mobile

To transfer your files using WiFi between your PC and phone your PC and Phone (android or iPhone or any other Phone) must support WiFi feature. Almost every PC and smartphones have WiFi feature so nothing to worry about this. Then you have to connect your PC and mobile in one (same) network. If your PC and mobile is connected to any other router’s network or any others computer’s network no problem but both mobile and PC should be connected to same WiFi network that is enough. If you don’t have any WiFi networks don’t worry you can easily create your own network. There are 2 ways to connect PC and mobile in one WiFi network. Just follow any one of these ways.
  • Method 1: To connect in same WiFi Network
First method is to create a WiFi hotspot in your windows 7 or windows 8/8.1 or mac PC. If you don’t know how create WiFi Hotspot See how to create WiFi hotspot and create WiFi hotspot using CMD. If you want you can use Connectify Hotspot pro software to create WiFi hotspot. After creating WiFi hotspot in your PC connect to that WiFi hotspot from your mobile.
  • Method 2: To connect in same WiFi Network
Second method is creating WiFi hotspot in your android or iPhone mobile and connects to that WiFi network from your PC. If you don’t know how to create hotspot in mobile follow first method. If you want to create hotspot in your mobile tell me your mobile model in comments i can help you. Connect to WiFi network using first method or second method (i suggest you to use first method).

Step 2: To transfer files between PC and Android/iPhone phone

After connecting both devices under one network download HFS.exe file from this link download HFS this is just 600 Kb file. You don’t need to install it just open it. You will see a window like below image.
File transfer to android
  • Now whatever folder or file you want to transfer from PC just drag that folder in to the blue marked area. When you try to drag a folder you will see a prompt like below Just click on real folder.
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Step 3: To transfer files from your computer to your phone

Now open browser in your phone type the address that has been marked with yellow color in the first image. The address will be different for everyone so you have to type what you will see in that part in your PC. Then you will see all your files and folders in your browsers windows just click on the files that you want to download

Transfer files from Mobile to Windows PC

  • Till now we have seen how to transfer files from PC to phone now we’ll see how to transfer files from phone to PC. 
  • Drag any folder in to blue marked area click on real folder when you get a prompt then right click on that folder name in HFS windows you will see options like in the below image select anyone.
Then again go to your phone browser type the address and open the folder that you’ve enabled upload option. 
  • After opening that folder you will see an upload option at right top of the screen as you can see in below image. 
  • Click on the select files that you want to upload. That’s it. You can see your uploaded files in your PC.
File transfer to lumia

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